Sunday, June 18, 2006


Yes Yes we doooo get one!!!!! Here is a pic of me and my friend last nite at her BBQ outside, YES it really was that cold!!! (no that is not a wine
bottle in front of us) ;P

Hehe, we laughed at how silly we must have looked, in our beanies and ski jackets. Brought back memories of our Christmas in Canada in 2003. It was the last time any of that stuff had been brought out!! It was a fun nite though, I must admit my other half looked a site in my other pink and purple tea-cosy looking beanie, and my friend's pink playboy slippers. At least IIIIII was prepared!!! ;)

Golly gosh its been a week since my last decent post! I've been busy, and stressing, and having a rough time with one thing or another. Of course my latest drama is nothing major, but at the moment it's taking over my thoughts!!!!!!!

I HAVE self-diagnosed and have had verification that I have ITB friction syndrome.

Starting at the beginning, last Saturday morning I did a nice long 16kmish run. All good. To walk down stairs that nite was painful in my right knee, very bizaare. I pulled out half way through my Sunday arvo run jsut coz it was a little twingy. Ran 10kms Monday nite with no pain, played netball Tuesday nite with nothing to whinge about. The week was exercise-free after that due to this and that, so I was hyped up for a long 17kmish Sat morning run. 5kms into it, something just went OUCH and my knee was soooo damn painful. I limped back and stretched but as soon as I stopped I could hardly walk again. I remembered Beki and her knee issues and her symptoms and put 2 n 2 together. I went for a massage which made me almost cry and we together worked out thats what it was :( I still CANNOT put any downward pressure on my knee, I couldn't even walk on it last nite. Sitting for a while then getting up was agony, especially in the cold last nite! My legs are bruised today from the massage yesterday, it feels a little better, but I'm gonna have to rest. I'm SOOO CRANKY!!!!!!! When things are going good, I always seem to get injured, my body keeps breaking :( I had to sit out our club 10km race today, I was hoping to do a PB over the 10 today, and I was well on target with my current training times. Half marathon is only 6 weeks off and I haven't put in enough long runs coz something keeps happening. I also remember something that Beki mentioned - different shoes. I have just swapped and they are soooo comfy, but I'm going to try running Monday nite and will wear my old Nikes and see if I get the same pain.!!!! Not a happy camper.

Umm what else.... My stubborn nan is home from the hospital one week after hip replacement surgery. Her kids - ie, my mum etc - are sooo mad. She's only had occupational therapy for a few days, had one practise at the small things - like getting in and out of bed - so told the doctor she was OK, and PUSHED to be let out, so they checked her out. She is so not ready to be at home, there's no magic button to push when she needs help in the middle of the nite. She was recommended to have another week in there, but noooo she cracked the poops and wouldn't eat and stuff, she was being jsut like a little kid, until she got her own way!! What I'm saying may sound nasty, but we're all concerned thats all. She lives alone in a unit and is barely walking, and we're all worried she's just going to go back down on it, and hurt the same hip, or do the other one!! The modifications to the house whilst the hip is rehabbing, is astronomical. The small things you wouldn't even think of. From stairs to chairs to toilet seats and simply putting stockings and socks on! She'll most probably come through with flying colours and shut everyone up though!! I love her... obviously the stubborn streak in me comes right back from her!!!

I'm on the second six weeks of my current 12 week plan, and I've been terrible. I didn't get to do any weights last week, so I can't wait to thrash the musckles tomorrow.
My goals are
1. ENSURE I drink 3+litres H2O each and every day. It's been harder in this weather!
2. NO FREE MEALS, no pickys, no nothing that I shouldnt have!!
3. Write down what I'm eating, I havent done this lately and do miss it.
4. Never miss a weight training session again. EVER! lol
5. Revise my goal book with more inspiring pics and motivational quotes etc.
That's just my start.

Whoa, its late, gotta bolt (I'm at work, on a Sunday nite). Feed time!!
PS - still working on that ticker thing ;)


Anonymous said...

A BBQ in winter, now that's just plain crazy Selina. LOL!! You must of been absolutly freezing? :o)

Shar said...

Hi Selina

I went for a runn this a.m and there was a frost her in perth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been Sooooooo cold !! and you thought me being a pommie would be used to it!

Oh yeah - Goal 1 for this week - 3 e mails!!!?????

Shar x

Jodi said...

Hi Selina - hmmmm I stayed in doors under the covers Saturday night - I hate the cold!!!! Man I am getting old staying home more these days!!! I went to the Harbour on Sunday and it was bloody freezing I tell you - beautiful weather in the arvo but it was windy and I was not enjoying myself!!!

Hope nana is better and I hope your ITB gets better! it girl or it will keep flaring up! Last time I change my shoes my ankles swelled up sooooo bad I did not know what was going on - then I realised it was my new shoes. Maybe the new ones aren't right for you. Maysbe you need to go a Podiatrist and get some inserts for you shoes??

Hope your week is less crazy and stress-free!!!

Lauren said...

I see half a ticker!

You look snug as a bug in a rug. I have these toe socks things that are bright and stripey and pull up to my knees, they can easily be hidden under pants and uggies and they keep you so toasty.

Loved your comment 'no that is not a bottle of wine', made me laugh :D

Great idea to look at your goal book. I always have my food diary on me so I can look at all the days that I have been on track - it keeps me motivated and I love updating it!

Sorry to hear about your injury I hope you can get over it quickly - lots of physio and deap heat?? Any way Im thinking of you chick :)

Take care

Sekhmet said...

I hope you can get that ITB fixed up quick hun - lots of rest (not what you want to hear), massage (how unbe-fricken-lievably painful is it???) and it sounds like icing wouldn't be a great idea for you either....

I'll keep everything crossed for you - I had a few twinges yesterday and by 20k it was sore again but touch wood it seems ok today (slowly on the mend)


Alicia said...

Hahahahaha love that pic! Its been pretty cold here in Brisbane too - I actually had to use the heater the other night :P Mind you, I did get a bit of sun on Saturday and got a tad burnt on my chest. Whoops.


Amy said...

I can sympathise with you selina. I feel exactly the same way- you start running really well and then something always happens. I have done nothing for three days and extremely cranky and everyone around definately knows it. My quad is still sore today and I feel it will never get better!! So i'm off to the physio again tomorrow. Hope you have a great week chick!!
Love Amy

Hilary said...

Selina you look like you are camped out in the snow!! hehehee!

No good about your knee - sounds really painful, not what you need at all! Hope you get lots of rest and dont push yourself too much lovey. Take care

Hilary xx

jodie said...

I had a good chuckle at your pic!! Looks like you had a blizzard or something...

I hope the knee heals quickly, take it easy OK?


Chontelle said...

Now I think I made up a rule that QLD'ers are NOT allowed to pretend they are cold!!! LMAO! See you might have been all rugged up, but you were still outside at night time! So nothing to compain about! He he!

Hope you Nan and your knee get better!

Chon xx

Selina said...

Hi guys, all your comments brightened my day! 10.. I think that's a record for me!! ;)
Lia - It was a "New Verandah BBQ"... you know, christening the deck. hee hee And you are not the first person to call me crazy!!

Sharleen - yes 3 emails it is!!! OK, I haven't seen frost here...yet ;P

Jodi - they just don't believe us do they?!?! The harbour is always feezing in winter eh? That wind...brrr :)

Lauren - I was almost a cooked bug in a rug!!! As we say.. Fail to plan, plan to fail! See I use that in all apects of life ;)

Beki - yes massages are extremely painful when in pain!!! lol going for another tomorrow *ouch* It really takes THAT long to go away?? :( Thanks for your email response as well.

Alicia - you got burnt?!?!? We haven't seen the sun here for weeks!! It's been that horrible grey drizzly rainy crap for ages!!

Amy - I sympathise with you :( When I don't get to do WHAT i want WHEN i want (with exercise is all i mean...!) I get cranky too. And especially like you, when finally all the training is paying off... POOF, injury. Hope yours is gettin better.

Hilary & Jodi - I tell you, if snow or a blizzard hit, we were well prepared!! I hope my knee goes away soon too. Thanks :)

Chontelle - OK, you got me, we were outside still!! But I still have grounds to say it's cold!! hee hee I told my friend she just needs an outdoor heater and we can do it more often!!