Saturday, June 17, 2006


Can anyone out there give an computer-illiterate bubble brain step-by-step instructions on how do work this damn blogger thing?
I thought that I could use a ticker thingy, just coz I like counting down! So i set it all up pretty and ready to go and pasted the link into the template....
But where does it go???
I had it at one stage only half visible RIGHT up the top of the page. So then I moved it down further within all the mumbo jumbo in the template and it just disappeared. I played with it for an hour and found the spot where it's too high up, and put it one space over, and it was invisible!?!?!? It made me a cranky-pants let me say.
Can anyone help?!?!

Ill be back later to post my latest issues, never a dull day in a drama-queen's life!!! Hee hee ;)



Chontelle said...

I had trouble getting the ticker to fit on my blog too, and ended up giving up! It was too long for the space... but I did manage to work out where to put it I think... but how much does it suck trying to work out all that code!
Sorry I can't be much more help! Maybe I will go and see if I can get it to work on mine again!

Chontelle said...

Well Selina, I had a go and got some tickers working on my blog! They seem to spill into the side bar as they are a bit long, but they work! So if you want my help just let me know! Do you use MSN Messenger?

Kaddy said...

rae is a champ at this stuff!! she has it saved in an e-mailable doc i think!~!

Selina said...

chontelle! for MSN

Kaddy - cool thanks!!!