Friday, June 02, 2006

Bout time for a post...?

Thanks Jodie... yes it was well overdue, so I've decided to get off my lazy a$$ and write something. Been 'missing' as I've felt I've had nothing positive to post, so it's better to post nothing. The last 2 weeks have been low low low, but there's only one person that can change that, and that's ME. It goes a bit deeper than that, but that's all I need to share. I know I'm not the only one that has hassles and obstacles to overcome, and most peoples probs are alot bigger than mine, so I need to GET OVER IT!! :)
Anywho... ummmm.... Well I did my first run on Wednesday nite in 10 days (yes, that's bad, but that's what happens when crap hits the fan with me, everything 'normal' is pushed to the side).
I can't complain though, I did my fastest time for 5kms in over 15 months! I did a huge leg work-out the day before so my musckles were sore, but it so worked for me! I'm proud to say my PB for this season is now...
5kms.... 24mins 06secs :) :) :)
It's still a far cry from my best ever of 22min 56secs, but considering the circumstances, I was OVER THE MOOOOOOOOOON!!! So needless to say, since Wednesday nite, I have been a bit more focused. I HATE HATE HATE that I am sooo sporadically emotional, I'm depressed for 10 days, then within 25mins it all changes? Then the issues that consumed me for those 10 days seem so silly. This happens all the time to me, but lately more often than not, and the lows last longer. GRRRR Anyway... OHHH plus I had my new Asics Kayanos, so I reckon that must have given me the edge ;)
Have a KILLER of a run on the weekend, it's King of the Mountain, so you guessed it, a long run almost vertical. It's only 6.4kms, but last year I walked it in at 50mins. I felt better to see alot more experienced runners reduced to a walk as well, it's sooo tough. Can't wait for it to be over!! hehe Love the challenge though.
Not much planned for this weekend, going out for a few drinks (of water in my case) tonite as it's my OHs 'farewell' drinks for his current job now that he's starting at the mines in 2 weeks. Early one for me as I'm up before the sun for half marathon training. That's prolly the highlight of my weekend, aren't I so sad :)
Better run, my fingers are FROZEN. My work is the coldest building EVER! Air-con isn't even on - I even have my hoody on at the moment!!!
Have been reading everyones blogs still, THANK YOU ALL for being so inspiring, wonderful women :) You are all my strengths in times that i need...


Alicia said...

Hey chicky. Great to finally hear from you. I know where you are coming from - I'm always quick to push things aside too when the crap hits the fan. But what doesnt break us only makes us stronger. Have a great weekend!

Lauren said...

Hi Selina,

I know exactly how you feel! It really helps when you share this with us, it just confirms that Im not the only women that battles with her emotions!! It sucks doesnt it?

Its great to hear that you are feeling better, lets hope you stay this way :)

Thats great timing! You must be wrapped! Congrats.

Have a great weekend and chin up girl.

Amy said...

Awesome run chick. goodluck for the weekend- sounds tough. I hate hills!!
All the best with your training- i'm always checking in to see how your going!

Love Amy

Anonymous said...

Hey Selina!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and getting me back chatting to you all. I have been feeling EXACTLY the same as you!!! What is it with emotions and moods and blaaaah!!! It is so goddam frustrating isnt it!!! But I am the same ... and as my Mum always said to me ... unless you have something positive to say dont say anything at all ... so say nothing is what I have done!!! I can go from a hundred miles an hour to a sudden and screaming great halt and back again in the blink of an eye ... and oh for the life of me I cant work out why ... MEH!!! But great to see you back too. If we all keep an eye on each other we shall be right :-)

Have a great week-end chick!


Selina said...

Hi Girls, nice of you all to pop in.
Alicia - yes, I totally related to some of your posts :) WE ARE STRONG!!! hee hee
Lauren - I've noticed a few of my fellow bloggers have been missing lately... we all have our battles, but we all pull through. Glad to see you're back on board as well :)
Amy - Thanks for the luck, i WILL need it! Training is going OK, I'm always checking your progress too, I think you'll always be ahead of me though!
Mandy - another blogger-back-on-board! OK, we're back, let's stay back for GOOD, ALTOGETHER... DEAL!?!?!

Anonymous said...

It's a deal ... fellow stalker ... he he he!!!

Works for me chick!!!


Kaddy said...

HI Selina...i knolw where you're coming from...truly...if you want some moitivational stuff drop me an e-mail and i'll send some to you...

Hilary said...

Hi Selina

Good to see you back! Sorry to hear that you've been feeling low - nothing worse. But what an awesome time for a 5klm... no wonder you've got your 'mojo' back!!

Good luck for your run this weekend, sounds tough!

Hilary xx

Jodi said...

Oh Selina, your sooo funny sometimes but I am sad to see you've been in the blues lately. Your a great girl with a really hot bod who will continue on to do great things I have no doubt. We ALL struggle - even the top fitness girls but we all are glad you have somewhere you can vent and hopefully get a little support.

Thanks for leaving your wonderful kind words on my blog.....I bet you are a really inspiring personal trainer!!!!

RaeC said...

Hi sweetie,

Sorry to hear that you've been going through an emotional gauntlet lately... I hope the sun is starting to shine again for you (especially considering your building is so cold... LOL!!).

Great run by the way... I wish I was more of a runner, but I'll just stick more to my beloved weights :) xxx

Selina said...

Hey again Mandy... yes I think you are stalking me. Kidding :)
Kat - thanks for popping in! I shall do that :)
Hey Hilary, yes got that mojo happening again!!! It ain't going no where either this time ;)
Thank you Jodi for your kind words :) It is good to know that others with similar minds also have similar issues. Yes my blog is also my diary at times, it does help!
Rae - Yes the sun has reared its head!! Your profile pic looks gorgeous, you are such a hottie! Hehe yes stick in the weights room Rae... I know how much you luuuurrrve cardio!!!! hehe