Monday, June 05, 2006

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN - 6.4kms - 46mins 26secs

And my butt isn't even sore today!!!!! Yesterday consisted of travelling of where I was staying to the top of the mountain to pick up my friend...that was prolly a really bad idea, travelling up the mountain before i had to run it, it reminded me too well of what i was in for! I started with a good warm up to find somewhere hidden enough to 'empty my bladder'!! Miles down the road I found someone's cane paddock... hehehehe Anyway we had to run about 2.5-3kms before the ascent even started and from there on it was a walk-run-walk-run. I was playing leap frog with 3 or so men, our walk-run cycles were opposite, it was quite funny overtaking the same person about 8 times only to see them go past you again. It was SOOOO hard, like SOOO Hard. My heart rate was off the richter scale, my beathing was like I was dying, and at times I got hot/cold flushes and felt I was gonna pass out! BUT I DIDN'T!!!! Anyway to cut a long story short, I ended up being 5th female in which I was SOOOO happy about :) I also beat my time last year by just over 4 mins so was stoked!!! Won $25 for fifth place, so I made a profit ;) Oh plus won a T-Shirt from a sponsor in the random drawer prizes...ya know that ones that are way tooooo huge that will end up being a pyjama top... anyway i def came out on top!! It was lotsa fun. I have made a promise to me that I will do some serious hill training before next years... lol thats what i said last year!

I had a great run Saturday AM with my training partners. It was bloody freezing, but of course I don't have anything warmish to wear... who needs warm clothes up here!! I musta looked a sight at still dark in 10degree weather in my singlet. Never takes long to warm up though :)

Just finished a good weight work-out and this week is gonna be a good one in terms of training/food etc. I'm gonna make sure it is!

Gotta run, lots to dooooooooooooooooo
tootalooooooooooooooooooooooo :)


Amy said...

Awesome run Selina!! It sounds like absolute torture but it must have felt so good when it was all over!! What will be your next event now??

Take care,
Love Amy

Anonymous said...

Wholly heck ... my heart rate goes off the richter scale just WALKING up some of the hills around here ... let alone even thinking about running ... I am puffed just thinking about your little "stroll in the park" ... nice work chick!!!

jodie said...

Man I just feel EXHAUSTED reading about your run!! I am so impressed! Go girl.

PS Glad to see you back posting too, missed ya xx

Alicia said...

OMG that is a SENSATIONAL time - good one babe! I'm absolutely stoked for you :D And nice to get the cash prize too....much better than a lotto ticket!


Chontelle said...

Great effort Selina! Well done!
I agree it sounds like torture!

Hilary said...

Wow you are a superwoman - that run sounds like an absolute killer!

Awesome that you are so fired up now, nothing to stop ya!

Hilary xx

Jodi said...

Hey Selina - thats so funny about your breathing and nearly dying - I know how that feels so I had the mental picture - the fact that you keep going back for more of that means you have true dedication!!!! Good on you and congrats on the great run!!! Who knows what great things you can achieve with your spirit and determination!!!

Kaddy said...

GO SELINA! sounds like ur doing awesome!! how much do u just love running!!

Sekhmet said...

OMG - Sooooo depressing reading everyone's running while I am out with an injury!!! lol

Fantastic run Selina - I can relate to the hill/HR thing after my Puffing Billy assault - but what a feeling of accomplishment when you've done it!!!

Great stuff Selina! What's the next challenge???

Selina said...

Thanks girls :)
Amy - it was torture, but in a sick sick way I thrive on that!!
Mandy - well I wouldn't be calling it a "stroll in the park!" hee hee
Jodie - Yes, yes, I'm back thanks to your encouragement previously :)
Alicia - yes winning some $$$ was nice, i made a little profit for the day!! Quite unexpected
Chontelle - with all your running you'll soon be conquering hills as well. ;)
Hils - yea, I'm all on fire. Hopefully this one won't be extinguished anytime soon!!
Jodi - You keen to join me next time.. ;) Netherdale up to Eungella range!?! hee hee :) Ta again for your encouragement!
Kat - yipee, she visits again! Yes I do, I do, I do :)
Beki - soooo sorry to hear bout your knees :( I know how hard it is to sit still with injuries. I would sooo love to do that GTR one day!! Sounds fun, although I know the train would kick my butt!!
Next event - hmm well every Sunday arvo is a comp run for the club I'm in, the King of the Mountain though was an actual Club Championship race, they're the biggies :) Next CC race is 10kms on 9th July.