Tuesday, June 27, 2006



For lack of a better title, YEEE HAAA is it for today!!
Just finished chest and tris and if it's anything like last week, I'm gonna be sore for days again! YIPEE!! Did some new PBs on incline bench and d/b bench, so bring the pain I say! LoL
Still havent ran and just had a mini-myocardial infarction seeing as it's only 12 days until my 10km Club Championship run! ARGH!!! We earn points on all CC runs over various distances, to decide Club Champion of the year. I'm trying to defend my "crown" of Club champ for females 18-39years, and i can't let an injury get in the way of my pride!!! HA! My netball coach tells me "Don't be a hero" LoL! I should really take his advice more often. Well I just did a 100m run down the hallway and my knee was ok...!!! Must be better. LoL!!! ;)
Jodie, Amy, Mandy, Janelle, Alicia, Hilary - thanks for all your well wishes on THE injury and flu. I'm back on top of the flu now, *fingers crossed* nothing else nasty comes my way this winter!
Beki - a whole month?!?! GEEEEZ!! It's not the end of the world, but I do have hope from reading your blog and knowing that i WILL be back up there. I have been doing the heat thing, everything actually!! Ice initially made it more painful, but it's handling it a bit better now :) I don't have skins, simply because it's not cold enough here to run in them!! I have looked into it though, especially as you mentioned, can also be used to speed up recovery. I ran in my good old trusty nikes on the weekend, and unfortunately it still flared up. Thanks for your advice all the same!!!
Jaime-Lee - yes muscle growing days they are now!! And yes, keeping active by punishing the upper body!!
Lauren - ta chick! Lol on the pull-ups. It was my goal by end 2005 to be able to do 10 unassisted pull-ups. I got there on the 29th December or something!!!! hee hee Not sure howd I'd go now though!!!


CJ said...

Good luck for your 10km club run - I'm sure you'll be fine. Hope the injury goes away and becomes just a bad and distant memory!

Lauren said...

lol I want that mirror, where can I get my hands on one??

Chontelle said...

What a bugger about your injury! I can sympathise with freaking out when your HM is so close! But I spoke with a girl a few weeks ago who did the Sydney HM with only 6 weeks preparation, and she wasn't running much more than 5km regularly when she started! That encouraged me, and considering you are already mega fit, and have been doing a solid base of decent length runs, I am sure you will still be right come 6 weeks, if you do the right things now. (Not that I am any kind of expert!!!!)
Is good that you are focussing on some strength work! And by the way... I too want one of those mirrors! Actually scratch that... I would like it if everyone you met or walked past had those kind of glasses on!!! :o)

Jodi said...

You poor thing Selina!!! Just caught up on your posts....hope your over the flu and yes girl - rest the leg or it will not heal and you can run the risk of a longer term injury - but you know that ;-) sometimes we need to be reminded !!!!

Not on the bridge - hate that - yes when you go for a run the bridge is the one place you don't want to get a stitch or fall over or an injury......too many people you know always manage to drive past and say "I say you on the bridge....." has happened to me!!! Heee Heee

Love pull ups - great for the defining the back....I love a great back on a chick!!! (Monica Brant-Peckham's is to die for).

Anyway I hope everything works out for you and you still get defend your title!!!!

Tracey said...

I want one of those mirror's too.

Splice said...

I love the mirror lol, it reminds me of that movie called Shallow Hal.
All the best with your up and coming run :-)

Shar said...

Hell Yeah, get me one while your ordering, we can share the postage cost!!! :)

Speak soon

Kelly said...

Hi back Selina... nice to meet you too. Sad to hear 'bout your injury. I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon.

Selina said...

Hi CJ!! Thank-you for stopping by :)
Lauren - hehe, glad you like it!! Maybe we should go with Chontelle's idea and make everyone else wear glasses that do that!!! lol
Chontelle - eeek... crazy girl!! A HM with only 5kms..she's brave!! You sound like you'll go great guns in yours, solid training base now will help :)
Jodi - LoL, i knew you'd know what bridge it was!! Hence my embarassment!!
Tracey and Shar - Yep, if only we really could get those mirrors...
Splice - hello!! Thanks for stopping by. Yes Shallow Hal it is! I enjoyed that movie :)
Kelly - ta for your wishes chick

MvN4wRd said...

Where are you??? I had just found your blog (off of Sue's blog) and now you haven't posted in a long time!! I check almost every day! :-) Hope all is well.