Sunday, March 29, 2009


I came to this page with full intentions of writing my 'big blog', but I'm just too shattered.

I got up early to drive to a nearby-but-not-really national park to do the road runners 9km trail run. I did it in 51.05mins, a full six minutes slower than last year, but it hurt just the same :P I'm not concerned, that was only my fourth run of this year, training or racing! I don't think I'm allowed to call myself a runner anymore :P

It's all good, my goals are different this year :)

I think I need a nana nap now, I still haven't caught up from my fly-by full-on trip to Brisvegas!

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Anonymous said...

Well done on your run Selina. That's more than I would manage, I don't enjoy running in any way shape or form. LOL!!