Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Taste of my Own Medicine

I went to the gym this morning after my early morning group training session, to do my cardio and get it done first thing before getting bogged down in the studio.

Not one cardio machine was free... not one. I didn't have time to fluff around and wait so drove back to work.

Co-incidentally one of the trainers clients had cancelled... and there was I needing to do cardio! Cha-ching!

I made him put me through a session. Was a good idea until 5 minutes was up and my heart rate was through the roof!!!!!

Boxing, skipping, burpess, hill sprints on the bike... it was tough. Although I wanted to tell him where to go, I bit my tongue ;) I did 'demand' a stretch and massage at the end, and that erased all the hurt.

I can't believe people pay us for that pain!! LoL! :)

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