Sunday, April 05, 2009


I updated my template to a more recent one. Kept it all the same, I have no idea how to make it all pretty and fancy with my own customized header, so pink it will stay! But I can now link back to previous posts and I now have the followers gadget, so if you're reading, go add yourself :)

This weekend has been a whirlwind and was supposed to continue today, until I decided to put my STOP sign up.

Friday nite I was smashed so I hit the sack 8.30am, up for the 8.00am RPM Saturday morning (I pretended I was in Brisbane with the other gals!! :P ). I went hard, BURN FAT BURN. Raced to work to shower and do staff training for hours. Boring for me, but has to be done! It will all be worth it once they're familiar with all the procedures and the business is running smooth again. Then grocery shopping and a lil bit of food prep. Went out for a bit with mum last night and nearly dropped off, I was so buggered.

So in bed by 9.30pm last night, and up at 5.30am today for a run. The club did 17kms but I ain't going nowhere near that distance at the moment. I did a steady 10-11kms or so. It was really, really steady, my legs were so fatigued from the first step!

I was supposed to visit my friends and their kids today, go to work, go shopping with my bro-in-law for some work stuff I need, but you know what? I have the hugest case of the couldn't be's.

So I'm in my skins hoping for a miracle leg recovery, and I'm going to do the sloth thing today. I'm exhausted, and more so my brain is exhausted! I wouldn't be very much entertainment for the kids today, and I really want some time-out, and as bad as I feel, it's a load off the shoulders :)

Golly gosh, I'm so glad I'm single, I DO NOT have time for a boyfriend at the moment!!

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Hilary said...

So exciting that you will be competing Selina!!!!!!!

I'm so excited for you, cant wait to hear how all your prep is going, and to see you on stage!

Hilary xx