Saturday, April 04, 2009

So this is what it's all about!!

For years now I've followed blogs and learnt heaps and heaps about competing and the discipline of it. I have never ever had the 'want' to do it. I was happy running and running having Liz coach me and challenging myself each week with what she threw at me.

In November she planted the seed and asked if I wanted to compete in May. My response was, "HELL NO!! I'm a runner, and 2009 I'm training for my first (and most probably only! lol) marathon!"

Fast forward to how my year started - I thought my life was over with my well documented break-up ;), which in hindsight was the best way for the year to start! I'd lost my passion for running, and the thought of two - four hour marathon training runs every Saturday morning for months just didn't light my fire anymore. I pulled out of the marathon before I'd even started. I didn't want a big goal, I wanted to have fun with everything.

But then I felt lost. Because I had no goal. So I asked Liz if she thought I could still compete in May.

So guess what:


I have been training for months now, I just haven't gotten around to mentioning it on here! I was also a bit scared to publicise it - if I did that, it became real. I told people I was 'hoping to get on stage in May'. I went to Brisvegas last week and saw Liz and right away she told me to change the head and say "I will be getting up on stage in May!" SO I AM!! :P

We went to Jo Rogers for posing - Oh My God, I am such a mong!!!!!!!!!! It's soooo bloody hard, and then you have to remember to smile on top of it all?!. She certainly has her work cut out with me! I've got my costume ordered, got the hooker heels, it's all happening so I'm not backing out now!
Every thought is about food, training, and everything related to making this event happen!
YAY!! So far I LOVE it!!!!!!! Pooping myself that I won't be ready in six (ARGH, already?) weeks, but I trust the boss :)
So when I've said this year is all about ME, that's been one of the things on the ME agenda. That's why I'm on an alcohol ban.
I 'get' it, I finally understand when all the competitors are so focused, and their lives are consumed with all things comp. I GET IT, coz I'm living it :)
I've been so so sooooooooooooo freaking busy, I feel like I'm on a treadmill that keeps getting faster and faster. I don't know how to sit still, but I don't have the time for it anyway right now! ;)
So amongst all the comp related things, I've had the stress of replacing the staff member I lost, worked out perfect - the girl that the one I'm losing replaced, has come back to town and begged for her job back - PERFECT!! So I've trained up TWO new staff members, so it's all fun and games now.
Next stop is Filex in two weeks. I get home on the Monday then fly out on the Thursday for another overnighter in Brisbane. I have to see Jo again and she says my costume should be ready by then! YAY!
I've counted that by July I would have been on 11 separate trips away from home. I will never want to see a plane again!!!!!!!!!!
(and for some !@#$%^& reason, from half way thru this post. blogger will no longer let me put spaces between paragraphs...AAARGH)


Kek said...

Didn't I tell you weeks ago that you WERE DOING IT??! Took a while for your head to catch up to your heart. :p

You'll be fine - better than fine, you'll be FAB.

linda said...

Thats fantastic selina- you will be fabulous! We need some pics!! Good luck with all the training although I know from Kerryns comment that you are already well on the way and probably even thinking now of 'tapering'! lol - I'm well into 'tapering'!

gypsy77 said...

Yay!!!! You are gonna do great!

I'm with Linda.....progress pics please!? And how are you going with food and all that stuff most people find really boring but I looooove reading about??????

Well done chicky, you'll do a fantastic job!

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

You sly Selina. I hope you are ready for somebody yelling loudly in the audience...........hmmmm wonder that will be.................hmmmmm.. Oh yeah! Me!

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

PS. spin was pretty fantastic..........nice and hard with the power sessions.

Jehanne said...

hahahha Selina - you are full of surprises arent you chicky!
Well, I am soooo excited for you - n I agree with the other gals - we need piccies!!!! hahah

I am doing ok thanks too, I dont like being out on the mines - some weeks I get rather depressed at it, but when I really think about it, the positives out weight the negatives at this stage of the game - and whilst it stays like that I will stay out here... I am looking at studying personal training, so I will do this online - and at work ;) and htne hopefully start some pt stuff in my week off, and once I have some kind of clientel happening I will leave the mines - my aim is to leave before christmas - I dont wanna be out here still at christmas time.

You are sounding so full of life and energy again - I am glad you got through the hard stuff and are enjoying yourself again!

ss2306 said...

Been wondering when you were gonna spill the beans!

Yep, now you've said it it's gonna happen and you will look gorgeous.

We all worry about not being "ready" but everything works out in the end.

Can't wait to see you all blinged out.

Nicole P said...

Look forward to seeing you up on stage Selina. Will be there cheering you on :) Nicole xx

Cherub said...

Fantastic news - you will look great!

Alicia said...

I'm a bit late by OMG I'm soooo excited for you! xo

Lia Halsall said...

I've just got back from qld and read the great news, congrats Selina. Enjoy the ride and most importantly, have fun. ;o) xxx