Monday, April 13, 2009

That's What Little Brothers Are For! :)

Saturday night at the beach house for dad's birthday was nice. I got him to drop me off down the road so that I had to do my run to get there. It was a day where I could have easily talked myself out of it! 35mins later I arrived and they were eating prawns, pizza and there was mudcake for the birthday cake. After running I can't even think of food, so I was safe there! I had my chook and veges once I'd settled. Victory to me!!

I went with my bro when he left to meet up with his mates for a night out. I only went so I could drive his car home for him. OOOHhh YEA BABY!! A nice big flash boys car that makes loud noises, and takes off really really fast from the traffic lights ;) I hit the sack early and was in the depths of my sleep when at 3.45am my phone rang.

"OI, can you please pick me up". Ahhh crap.
"Only if I can use your car". HA!

So drive #2 for the night!! I got home at 4.15am, and my alarm was set for 5.45am...
Decisions, decisions. I knew that if I went back to sleep there was no way I'd respond to my alarm.

So at 4.30am off I went for my 10km/1 hour run. To stay in lit up areas, I took the main street towards town which has a good footpath. I felt like the freak as I ran past people walking home from their night out, with a chirpy "GOOD MORNING!". The majority of them certainly did not look like they were having a good one...

I was home just in time to hear my alarm go off. And the rain start. So glad I got it done or the rain would have been my excuse. I'm very good at excuses. Best way to start the day!

My bro is certainly making the most of me being in the same household as him again!! But if I can drive his car I don't mind :P. And I told him if it's any earlier than about 3.30am - forget it. I can't go running that early ;)


Today I had a sleep-in till 8am. It's still raining here, hasn't stopped all weekend and it's so easy to oversleep when it's like that.

I went straight to the gym at 9am as it's only open for 2 hours on public holidays. Caned my legs then jumped on the tready, put it on the highest incline and walked for 5 mins, then did walking lunges for 2 mins all the way to 25mins-ish. That got the heart going and was enough for one of the buff (and may I mention kinda cute ;) ) boys to comment "geez you're hardcore" :) LoL.

The last 2 times I've been to the gym, I've had two different pieces of eye-candy that have always trained there, suddenly decide NOW was the time to strike up a conversation with me... Eye-candy that can talk, now that's more fun!!! hee hee




Andrea said...

Hi selina,
congrats to you on your decision to compete! I am looking forward to seeing you up on stage (well pics at least) You are going to rock it in chicky babe!
Sounds like the training is going strong!

Kek said...

Ooh - there was eye-candy at my gym today too. Love the start of footy season....