Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easy Saturday :)

I was up early-ish today to have something light to eat before heading off to RPM Extreme. It was my favourite release - no idea of what number but track 3 was 2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance and the bestestest one is song 5 - Motley's Crue's Kickstart My Heart. Those tunes get me going!

I went to work after it for a quick recovery, a bite to eat, some work done, then off to gym #2 for upper body weight training. I was a bit tired today but gave it all I could.

From there to groceries, to eat (surprise surprise), food prep and now... this! Next on the agenda is practicing walking in my hooker heels and striking a few poses, then off the to beach house for dinner for dad's birthday, and depending on the weather - hopefully a steady jog on the beach. :)) I will sleep like a baby tonight!

Tomorrow poses the challenge - BBQ here at mum's, with all the goodies I would usually indulge in, including......................... chocolate. Of course! I have my plan of attack, not one piece of chocolate or hot cross bun (my ultimate favourite easter thing) will pass my lips.


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Anonymous said...

You sound crazy busy, a typical life of a figure competitor Selina. I hope you're enjoying the process, that's the best part for me. :o)

Lia xxx