Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Up, Up and Away......


Trip number 5 for the year so far begins bright and early tomorrow morning to Sydney for FILEX. :)

I plan to get up and do some cardio before getting organised and to the airport by 6am. No matter how prepared I am, I always, always end up rushing at the last minute and panic that the check-in counter will be closed and I'll be left stranded here. Not this time, I don't need that stress at that time of the morning!

Hopefully I'll get a lil nana nap on the plane. My mum and sister are coming down too - it's our girls trip. They shop and and do girlie stuff, I go to 'school' and learn lots. We have a one-hour stop-over in Brisbane for the connecting flight to Sydney. We'll finally arrive there about lunch time. Then I plan on hitting the grocery store for supplies and having a little look around the city for the remaining time.

Then Friday to Sunday we learn, learn some more, play, go to the 'workshops' which conveniently have not-so-bad-looking presenters - You ARE booked in for the BOSU sessions again aren't u Kerryn ;) - mingle, get free stuff at the expo, and catch up with lots of people! Dinner is planned for Saturday night, and that will be nice to have a proper catch-up with everyone. YAY!

So, hope you all have a good weekend - I know I will! :) Be back next week!! :)

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Cherub said...

Enjoy it Selina, I can't make FILEX but I hope to get to the expo on Sunday.