Monday, April 13, 2009


I finally received a comment yesterday without me begging for it. HA!

I've been getting frustrated that nothing is changing, as does everyone at some point I'm sure.

I asked my sister last week if I looked any smaller.

"No, you had nothing to lose in the first place".

Errrr... WRONG ANSWER!!! Do you not understand just how lean I need to be?!?!?!!? Obviously not!


Yesterday out of nowhere my nan accusingly said,

"Ohhh Selina, you've lost weight". I jumped up and down and did a happy dance. She didn't get it.

My brother-in-law said my face was drawn. Normally - not cool as it makes me look old and wrinkly, but in this case WAAAAHOOOOO!

He continued (gosh I love him) that my back also seems to be more defined. YES!!!!!!!

NOW, if only the same thing would happen as noticeably to the hips and ass... please say they're shrinking tooo!!!!!!!


Jehanne said...

hahah - good on ya girl! You'll be great - I am sure of it!!!

~ Valley Girl ~ said...

wish I would shrink, and it be noticable like right away HA!

It will happen, from what I read...