Friday, April 10, 2009

Note to self...

This is one of my Bali bargain tops - I love it :) It was time to pull it out this week!

Today is day 1 of what will be a challenging 4 days. I find if at home with no structure to my day, that's when I tend to want to stray with the food. However my head is back in a good place and I'm confident I won't have any hiccups this weekend! It's my challenge to myself that I won't :) Errr... plus that minor issue that I'll be 95% naked on stage in front of heaps of people in 5 weeks and 3 days time.

Today being Good Friday, it's all about fish and tuna. I don't eat meat on Good Friday, so I've come up with some ways to make my tuna exciting. I will be trying out Liz's Paleo Tuna Patties as well. It's my daddy's birthday, so tomorrow we're 'celebrating' at my grandparents beach house - mum is getting Thai and chocolate mud cake.... Great, rub it in! I will sit there and try to smile while enjoying my veges and whatever I have with it. This will be the first easter in my life that I won't be touching chocolate, not even a mini egg. If I have even just one, I don't trust myself to stop, so best to hide out in my room all day me thinks ;)

I had the bestest sleep-in, except for the phone ringing at 6am. Who the?! Still it was nice to not wake to an alarm. It's still pouring rain, so it was perfect sleep-in weather. I got out at 7.30am, enjoyed a nice slooow breakfast - as opposed to rushing like I do every other day - then got into work where I still am about 9am. I've trained legs, almost finished the BAS (yea right now I'm doing what I'm good at - procrastinating!). Bit more to do here, then I'll head home for meal 3 then I'm off to mass for Good Friday. After that is cardio then the day is almost done!

Being busy is a good thing, keep the mind occupied, keep it off things it shouldn't be thinking!


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Anonymous said...

I love your singlet Selina. :o)