Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Filex 2009

As usual, I had a great time :) I learnt lots and always come back SOOO motivated in all areas of life - it's what you do with it that counts though :)
I managed to go for a few runs - one including all the convention centre stairs then I came across Star City Casino - OMG, there's a LOT of steps to the top there!!

Anyway, met lots of cool people, did lots of fun stuff and got to hang with Kerryn, Liz, Jay and met Shannon, Casey, Fern (hey girls if you ever happen to read this!) and heaps more :) Met Michelle Bridges and bought her booked which she autographed - whoo hoo! I'm hooked on it. Love it!
Me, Kerryn & Liz

Michelle Bridges and Mwa!

Come back to full on busy-ness as usual - it seems I missed a few deadlines whilst away. Oops. So yesterday was chaos - topped off with my car dying. I drove to gym, trained hard, tried to drive back to work and my car didn't want a piece of it. GRRRR. So it stayed there till late last night when my dad had a look at it - it's broken. I was so stressed yesterday the night ended in tears. I was just too overwhelmed with everything :(

So today I have to borrow a car - I'm working in with mum which means I'm either stuck at work or at home and I miss RPM and it's a nightmare trying to work it all in.

I'm just so bloody busy - but right now I've got 10mins to blog as I'm waiting for a lift back to work - yes I've already been there but had to bring the car back to it's owner....

And did I mention I have to fly to Brisbane tomorrow morning for an overnighter? I haven't even unpacked from Sydney, forget re-packing!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just want to scream - I think I'm seriously going insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ Valley Girl ~ said...

Glad you had a great time at filex selina.
sorry about your car, we really depend on them dont we? and all plans go the the shit when they break, not good, hope it gets fixed real soon.
Try to relax, as stressful as it is.
Jools x

Shan said...

Great to meet you on the weekend Selina! You are looking really good, can't wait to see you on stage. Sounds like you are having a busy week with flying out to Brissy! Bummer about your car - hope you can get that sorted soon. Enjoy the rest of your week. Shannon :)

Amy said...

Stick in there! Sounds like you haven't had a good couple of days. It will be all worth it. I am very inspired that you are competing! Enjoy Brisbane