Thursday, April 09, 2009

How did the week get to the end already?!?

I had a bad one. I had my cranky pants on all week till Wednesday lunch time. I've been struggling with everything. Work is driving me insane - not the workers, they're angels, but the workload! A lot of it is brought on by myself - I try to do too many things and make everything more exciting and appealing and therefore create more and more work. I had heaps of deadlines this week, and going away next week of course doesn't help. Then fit in eating, and training 2x day and sleeping and preparing... GAH! So I was wallowing in my own self-pity till I realised I just had to snap out of it. I was dragging my sorry ass to the gym, putting in the effort but not really wanting to be there... lucky I have someone there who keeps an eye on me, and he's always on my back. So yesterday while training, the mojo I'd been missing reappeared by the third exercise. From then on I went gungho! YEEEHA! I snapped out of the mood! Everything I've planned to do is no one's decision but my own, so no point being cranky at the world! Lack of sleep was a MAJOR issue - I had lights out by 8.30pm two nights in a row and woke up in a way better mood :)

I pulled a 12 hour shift today - only breaking to go to the gym for 35mins of cardio. I've been hanging out for the weekend to catch up on 'life' but it's going to be a hectic one! I stayed at work tonight so I wouldn't be there so much all weekend. I've gotta do all the accounts processing before I can do the BAS which is due when I'm away... it just never ends! As the gym is closed tomorrow (as is everywhere) I planned to go to work and throw some weights around - that is one big perk of having my own studio, nothing interferes with my training thank ya!! ;)

Hopefully I'll be able to pull my finger out and get the work done that needs to be done, and not dilly-dally on the internet...

It was my male trainer's last day today :( Sad to see him go, but he's going to be taking over his family's business so good on him I reckon :) It's four females now at work, and we all get along SO well, the place is full of happy, motivating vibes. Sounds corny, but just being around them puts everyone in a good mindframe :) I love my job, have I mentioned that lately?!

Busy or not, I'm looking forward to the four days full of training and relaxing. I hope to get through some more of my book, and maybe even fit in a DVD or two - it's perfect weather for it. It's been raining hard up here and is expected to all weekend. YAY, I love the rain :)

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