Saturday, April 29, 2006


HMMM, not liking me lately. I still have not gotten back on track since I finished my 12 week prog TWO weeks ago. I feel gross, fat, and yuk, and no crap here, my clothes are tighter again. Like what the?! In TWO weeks...geez i musta been worse than I thought. And also the horrid scales are reading right up again. I am going through what I remember TRACEY D saying - a puffer fish phase :( I feel SOOO horrible, so yuk, like I have no direction at the moment. I don't want to spiral out of control, I have to regain that OOMPH i had before. All the things that I never touched before are now so appealing and "one won't hurt"...right!? Well certainly not, ONE IS HURTING.
I've realised I really really need a strict goal to set myself. It's almost like being happy with my bod isn't reason enough for me anymore. Well I had the big photo shoot to aim for before, that was like IT for me. Now what?! I want to feel daily the satisfaction and passion for my goals like I read in Sue's, Rae's and Jadey's blogs as they prepare for their comps. I need to have a big huge goal like that to strive for, that failing or little slip-ups aren't an option coz too much depends on it.
Suggestions anyone?! I HAVE to get over this silly phase, it happens regularly it feels, then later I wonder what I was being so stoopid about.

Other than sulking I have not much to report, sadly. Worked all morning, going on a road trip tomorrow up to Airlie Beach (1.5hrs away) with my boyf, my bestie, her hubby and my gorgeous lil goddaughter. Should be fun!

I just tried to upload the pics from last weekend, but it didn't happen so have to wait till Tuesday when I'm back at work, coz if any non-QLDers didn't already know... we have monday off!!!!! YIPEEE!! Not to rub your nose in it or anything ;P

Anywho, im outtie, enjoy your sundays :)


Hilds said...

Hi Selina,

I can understand how your feeling, I just finished my Body Blitz challenge and had my photo shoot (which was heaps of fun and great photos) although the week after felt so horrible, the only thing keeping me going is that I have still got two weeks until I finish my IBO program so really trying to stay focussed. I have realised that I will need another goal after this and have already planned a week of and then I'm straight back into another 12 weeks (with different goals this time). Anyway good luck I'm sure you'll find what your looking for!


Shar said...



Pick a goal, anything, and train towards it? Do another 12 weeks? do a run? set yourself some strength goals in the gym?

You and I (and loads of others) know you have what it takes to complete something you put your mind to!


You put so much in to let it go now!

Let me know if I can help

Shar X

Hilary said...

Hey Selina, reading your post was just like reading what I'm feeling! We need some new goals girl! Its always a great feeling to finish your programme, but you do have to be prepared for "life after challenge"!!

Its so easy to slip back into old habits and we CANT LET THAT HAPPEN!! Time to re-focus... when are you starting your next programme? :)

Tracey said...

Selina - a new challenge/goal to work towards is exactly what you need. After my first challenge I did feel a little yuk about myself cause after the depletion you body takes a little while to get back on track. Don't stress over it, sometimes things happen and you just need to get back up on the horse again and keep going forward. Pick something that you would truely desire and plan that you will keep on track and then reward yourself only if you keep on track I think lots of rewards for yourself at the end of each week is better then just one big one at the end - seems to keep you more focused for life. After all that you have been through in the last 12 weeks you can not expect that it will be the same again. I always try to eat healthily and Sue has now given me the guidence to choose wisely, and I still can go a little over board and occassionally eat a whole pizza, garlic bread and then ice-cream, but hey I am only human and you cannot restrict yourself totally for life.

Keep on persisting and I am sure that you will be able to succeed with everything in life.

Lauren said...

Hi Selina,

Stay strong chick you've done so so so well, dont give up!

Set yourself little goals for yourself that you can achieve week by week.

Remember why you went on this challenge in the first place. Keep looking at your after photos to keep you motivated - you look absolutely fanstastic, dont give up.

You could always renew your program for maintenance?

Sue Heintze said...

I'll get you back to where you wanna be!! Just get that eating in check BEFORE we start the new program, ok? You got the bod, now live the lifestyle. Be that person you want to be :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Selina,

If anyone can do this ... you can!!! You are such an inspiration and finishing this 12 weeks is just the start for you. Hang in there chick. I am more than sure that you will be up and running and back into fine Selina form again in no time!!!

M :-)

Chontelle said...

Hey Selina,

I can relate to your post. You feel on such a high after you finish your challenge and have the photo shoot etc, that you feel like you "deserve" a bit of a relaxed approach for a while... a few chockies, glass of wine etc won't hurt! WRONG! You derserve to keep the results of all that fantastic work you put in! Make sure you re-focus quickly. I actually let a few months go by without properly re-evaluating my goals/program etc, and have found a few kilos slip back on. Now I am kicking myself... but I am feeling focussed again now, and am about to embark on another 12 week challenge. I can't afford a trainer this time, but am going to apply the principles I learnt and enter the WF&H body blitz challenge as motivation.
I agree that it must help for the comp girls to stay focussed with such a clear goal ahead... maybe competing is for you? If not... find what it is you want... and go for it!!

Chontelle xx