Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Day!!!

Today I'm having a good/happy day :) Lately things have been topsy-turvy, but you know when you just feel great and like you're on top of everything...?!?! Well its one of those. I had a few client cancellations today, which is never what I like, but that has given me more time to catch up (the pile is FINALLY getting smaller!!) AND drum roll..... TWO sessions of cardio. One was my allotted session, and I just got back from a 40 min steady sess at the gym. Burn calories....BURN!!! Hope I don't get in trub for doing double, but I did sitck to my HR zones. So I'm feeling quite happy chappy and content. Food has been spotless as well of course!!

Sue, Shar, Hilary and Rae - again thanks for your motivating input!! Sue, ta for your comment on my arms....don't want no toothpicks!! ;)

Rae - I've stolen a paragraph from your blog... Yet another motivating, to the point quote:
"Keep working toward your dreams and goals. Each day you stick to your nutrition plan and training brings you a step closer. Each day you don't stick to your nutrition plan and training either stalls your progress or takes you a step further away... so keep putting one foot in front of the other!! " Keeping this in my head for the last 10, yes only TEN days.

I'm planning well ahead for next week. The big chook stock-up and cook-up on Saturday, into serving containers so there's no reason to even contemplate looking at any other shelf in the fridge. I'm booking myself out solid with clients (except for allotted training times on Mon and Tues!! And of course, eating times), so that I can't think how hungry I am. Having a late nite Thursday nite coz got my tan booked at 7.45pm... closed for Good Friday on Friday SOOO this will be my hard day. HOwever I'm equipped... Sleeping in, will sleep whenever required during day (Yes I love sleep), and have bought a new book and have many on hold at the library to get keep me occupied. BUT I really don't think I'll be needing all that much to keep me strong, just knowing the pics are on Saturday will be enough!! Anyway nuff bout that. I'm really not that obsessed with it (specially as I was disappointed with my trial at-home-pics). It's just knowing that I got through it, and the changes I have noticed has made me so proud of what I can do when I really try. I will keep going till I get where I want to be :)

Gotta run................. food time! YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Then working solidly thru till 7pm tonite then I get home and get to eat again, shower, prepare tomorrow's meals and sleep enough to wake up at 4.30 to come back and repeat the cycle!!



Shar said...


‘When the road is long, when the challenges are great, that is your chance to truly shine.
For when you give it all you have, you end up with the best you can be.’

SELINA - you are shining, Well done so far and keep up the good work!!!

Speak Soon

Hilary said...

Selina I'm getting so excited for you! 10 days to go EEEEEEEk! Hope you dont get too sick of chicken! Cant wait to see these pics - you are so right about not needing extra motivation for the final few days - the thought of having photos taken is enough to keep you out of the pantry!
Stay strong!

RaeC said...

Only 10 days to go!! I can't wait until I am on that kind of countdown... I've still got 6 weeks as of Saturday!! I cannot wait to see the end pics!! How exciting and great to hear you had an awesome day!! xxx

Tracey said...

Glad to hear that you are on top of the world at the moment Selina - Keep on Keepin up their.

OOOhhhh sssoooo exciting that you have nearly finished the first stage of your long journey!!!

Can't wait to see those pic's.