Sunday, March 26, 2006

Can't think of a title...

Beside is a piccy of me (on end standing) and Matt (trainer on right end) and our teams in the Lifestream Foundation fundraiser triathlon in October last year. All three teams were made up of clients, who would never ever have thought they would be out there doing it!! I was so proud!!

First of all, HI Alicia and Sharleen. Shar, I have been 100% since that email. I said I swear on the bible, and I'm being PERFECT. No point lying as I'm only lying to myself. As I mentioned to you, I do feel so more powerful for it, I rule food, it doesn't me. When I look back at the "stresses" it seems so small and inappropriate now, but at the time my world was crashing down... seems so silly!

I was up early Saturday morning to attempt a longer run to get my KMs back up. 45mins and i was absolutely stuffed. I went back to bed after a shower and felt like I'd been hit by a bus. I was cold and had a headache, I think i was slightly dehydrated as I hadn't drank or eaten anything. I perked up a bit later on and went and did some window shopping and got a hair-cut so I feel all feminine again! My OH played cricket all day then watched the footy last nite with the boys (which I can't stand) so I bludged here on the puter (on a sat nite, how SAD!) and went to bed early for my big run this morning. It was our normal Sunday club comp run, either 6kms or 17kms. Well I wanted to do more than 6, but have to build up to the 17, so I did 11kms. Felt great. Had to crawl out of bed before 5.30am so I could wake up properly, eat and hydrate and let it digest. Made the 11 in under an hour but wasn't busting my butt so was quite happy with that! Made sure I had my protein drink and piece of fruit (as instructed after my "hard" cardio sess for the week) and waited for all the 17kmers to come in. It was nice as it rained the whole time - no I'm not insane, but it is actually enjoyable running in the rain! It's still drizzling now which I'm hoping will stay all day. OH wants me to go watch cricket - I'd rather have a kindy kip....shhhh don't tell him!! Plus have 1.5hrs netball training tonite and I really don't mind it being cancelled!!! hehe

I've just been rearranging my playlists on my I-River so my dull boring mind-numbing treadmill sessions can be that little more exciting. It's a hard job gettin anything to work on such a slow old puter...

Anyway gonna go have that kindy kip, feeling a lil fatigued!


Hilary said...

Hi Selina

What songs have you got on your playlist at the moment? I'd love to know, my own playlist gets a hammering and I'm over a lot of it!

Well done for being so good with your food - its definetely a powerful feeling isn't it?


Tracey said...

Busy Busy, great to hear that you had a great run.

Shar said...


The results will come thick and fast with consistancy and patience!!! and of course my favourit - PLANNING!!!
(I'm such a virgo!!)

Well done girl!!