Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How quickly moods can change!!!!!!!

Another pic of my lil girwl. What a poser huh! Her first pair of sunglasses. AWWWW

Well, I've been in at work all of 25mins, and I've gone from feeling great, to feeling stressed and those horrible anxiety flutters I get. So starting at the beginning...
Had a long tiring weekend. Sunday afternoon ends with my Road Runners comp run, and I somehow managed to do my best time for this year. 24min 54secs. Still well off my PB, but at least I'm improving. Found out that that actually made me 3rd female overall. Feels like a bit of a farce and 3rd female from but I was probably around 5th last as well in the field of 30 - obviously all dominated by males. Still, I'll take it!! Had netball training for an hour and a half after that, so I should have crashed, but do you think that happened? Last time I looked at the clock was 12pm, I had to be up at 5.15am *sigh*

Monday was my birthday!!!!!!! Tried to reschedule clients so I actually had a break, and wasn't working the 14hours through that I usually do on Mondays. Wasn't much of a break, sometimes I feel nothing can function without me. I did get to train with my OH though, chest and tris :)
Had nice fish and veges for dinner, and of course some choccy birthday cake. That's it for cheating now tho. I took a panadol to help me sleep that nite, and I crashed. Woke up at 4.30am a lil groggy, I really shouldn't do that.

Tuesday was another long day. Very busy but still managed to get to the gym and train my legs with my new program. I'm not one for liking change, I like my routine, but I ended up feeling OK with it. Of course I know I need to change program, but I'm such a "C" stlye!! (If anyone knows the DISC system for personality profiling...). My neck is quite sore today from holding such heavy dumbbells for so many exercises. My assss is soooo sore, however quads are pain free. :) We had our first netball games last nite. I play premier league which is out top comp here, and we just a few short games for 'grading'. We lost one comprehensively, and won one comprehensively. My legs were fine!! My fitness was great!!

So I come to work all happy coz I had a great sleep in. I contacted the director of our local fitness training facility provider weeks ago to recruit more staff. Just got an email from him...
quote.. "
Selina, There are very few Cert 4 qualified people in Mackay. I have a number of students who have the potential but are only at Cert 3 level."
SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy and SOOOOO need help. I can't handle working 60+ hours per week anymore. My paperwork and systems are SO far behind, the phone is ringing all the time with new clients (which is awesome). I'm trying to organise my business, weight train 3x week, netball takes up 3 nites per week, running takes up 2! Plus did I mention I have to make time for my boyfriend!!!!!!! My main trainer is booked out, I'm booked out for the hours i AM available for. I just don't know how much longer I can hold on. I feel like I'm constantly under a pump, churning out work like a robot. All i want is a trainer who can work even just a few hours per week to help out. Is that too much!!!!!
GRRRR anyway, there's my whinge :) It is great to be busy, but not when I feel like I'm gonna break down, at the ripe old age of 26!!! heheh But on the same token, I have to take the work when it's there, come winter it usually slackens off.
Anywho I'm here at work, its wednesday, which is paperwork day, so I had really better do some instead of whinging how busy I am!!!


Tracey said...

No sympathy!!!

ROFLMAO - I would usually say that but I do understand not having enough hours in the day.

Anyhow - if I did have my certificate 4 then I would move straight up to Mackay from Gladstone to work for you.

Instead I changed my mind and decided to do Real Estate - Stupid me you would say. I do think that I would have 1/2 as many hours in the day if I did take up PT Training.

Best of luck for this week. I will be thinking of you!

jodie said...

Oh Selina, I hope things turn around for you and you get the help you need asap. I have been stressed like that too, well not that I own my own business but I know how you feel when you describe that anxious feeling.

Stress is a huge factor in your health and try and find a way to manage it. Don't want to sound like an alarmist but it can come crashing down on you if not kept in check. If you have take time for you, do it.

PS Cute picture of your god daughter, she is just a doll!!

Take care