Saturday, March 04, 2006

I'm baaaack!

It's Saturday, and after a frustrating morning at work (my damn books for end-of-month is out $1500, and I can't find it ANYWHERE...grrr), then going shopping to find that my rings sent off weeks ago to be re-sized for my small fingers were never sent off...GRRR.... im in a better mood! A bit of retail therapy never hurt! I bought the last sugar-free maple syrup at our health food store. I am the only one that does, as everytime I go, none others have been sold. How do I know they haven't been re-stocked... well the price tag says it all. They're a bit outta date (still taste normal) so they're reduced. I'm hoping they still will sell them although it's obviously a slow line, or I'll have no last resort place to go!! I'll have to order from Sue's site, so that means I have to be organised!!

I trained back and bis last nite and I'm a bit sore. I was tired and didn't want to go, but was glad to be there and pushed out as much as I could. I'm house-sitting this weekend, which comprises of just feeding the cat and sleeping there, hence being at home right now. Will be heading back there tonite, but no sleep-in. Have to wake early as 5 of my clients are participating in a "Ladies only" mini-triathlon 6.30am tomorrow morning. Have to go and cheer em on!

Anywho, am in process of surfing many sites, keeping my mind busy, coz when it's not, that's when the attacks of wanting to binge come on....avoiding at all costs!!!

OK been sittin here for 20mins waiting for a pic to upload...i'm over it, no pic today


brooke said...

Wow a personal trainer who has probs with binging and her wobbly bits- sounds just like my story!
Hows ur progress going? any hope out there for me!

Tracey said...

Selina - I have been ordering my Sugar Free Maple Syrup from they have all different flavours of maple syrup for you to choose from. I have also been told that Coles has a sugar free maple syrup. I am guessing the Mackay has one their so you might be in better luck.

Selina said...

Hi guys :)

Wow, how on earth did yas come across my blog!! I thought I was just another name out there! lol
Brooke: yes, I've had many body image probs over the years, hence the reason for my studies and now being a fully qualified PT. I'm only human though and like everyone else though, I like and depend on a bit of guidance which is where Sue has been great :) And yes, I'm known to demolish a bag of lollies in 5 mins hehe
Tracey - must admit i have been checking out your blog as a link from Sue's site :) Ive tried Coles here, no luck. Will have to do the internet buying. Thanks for your suggestions!
Thanks for popping in girls!! :)

Selina said...
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