Sunday, March 12, 2006


I've dont it!!! I just knew it would happen this week, I made a 100% effort and could just "feel" it!!
My scale reading finally dipped below 49kgs!!! WAY down actually...48.2kgs this morning!!
Now I'm wondering what 47kgs looks like *winks*

Thursday and Friday were better at work, better meaning I was able to breathe easier!! I went to Rob's parents farm with him on Friday nite, and actually enjoy JUST DOING NOTHING! Unfortunately we both had to work Sat morning, so we were up with the birds to get back into town in time. Spent the majority of yesterday there then the phone calls started. My friends decided we were going out last nite to celebrate my birthday.... yea thanks for the notice. Their hubbys are away/babysitting the girrwl, but didn't think that maybe I had already made plans. Anyway to cut a long story short, we went for cocktails (mine was a very tempting diet coke...) and then for tea. I got a grilled chook salad, very boring, but it was nice and on my 'safe' list. Had a few stomache issues yesterday (ie....many toilet trips) so tried to be as plain as possible! Then we went off to the movies and saw Derailed! I highly recommend it! With Jen Aniston, I guessed it would be a girlie movie, but far from it! I really enjoyed it. I visited Rob on the way home, but with major stomache cramps left early to get to bed!

I was interrogated at dinner "Have you lost weight", "You look too skinny" "You're muscles look smaller"
My answers: "Yes i have", "No, you're just not used to it (trust me, I'm FAR from too skinny" and well the last one threw me off coz I feel like my musckes are more developed "Well myst be coz my body fat is coming off everywhere therefore the overall SIZE of my limbs are decreasing"... Anyway, at least we had something to talk about!! lol All in all was a good nite :)

BUGGER....there's something strange going on with my puter here at home. It never lets me add pics onto here GRRR


brooke said...

wow 48 kilos- how tall are u? thats tiny!
i find meeting up with my friends the hardest, i find that alot of people- guys and girls- still dont get that u want to train with weights! the alcohol thing is also very hard to avoid on some special occassions- congrats on sticking to the diet coke.

Selina said...

hullo brooke!!
I am only small-160cm- but it's in my genes. My mother and sister weigh 45kgs (no muscle of course hehe!) my nan is low 40s.. but we're all healthy!!
Yea diet coke, actually Coke zero is my best friend...most restaurants don't stock it yet tho :(

Tracey said...

Congradulations Selina - I know what it feels like to get on those scales and see that figure below 50kg's.

I too am 160cm and I had the same reaction. Actually I had blokes at gym come up and say that they noticed it more in my face that I had lost a lot of weight.

Keep up the great work. You will feel so much better for it.

Oh on the coke zero thing. I dont know how you can drink it, I still have not been able to convert over from diet coke, it is either diet coke or pepsi.

jodie said...

CONGRATS Selina, that is awesome work. Well done. You are making fantastic progress.