Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm a-seeing results!!

Oh it was such a photo moment!!!

:) Im a happy lil girwlie! It's my "admin" day today where I don't take clients (also known as catch-up day!!) so I put on something different to wear to work, and got out my fairly new, as in only worn twice 3/4 size 8 pants and they swam on me!!!! They were always a lil big, but man, these are now huge!! Had to get mummy to take a pic as it was such a kodak moment for me!!! so i'd like to share it....heheheeeee !!!!!!!
Been soooo knocked around again lately, but enjoyed a sleep-in till 7.15am this morning, oh how I love Wednesdays, alot nicer than crawling out of bed at 4.30am after 6 hours sleep!
We had our first official round-robin game at netball last nite, and won quite easily. I felt great on court, my fitness is heaps better... How? I have to do LESS cardio, but somehow it's working!! Ran 8km cross-country run on Sunday afternoon (as in literally through waist deep water and over muddy terrain) and totally blitzed it. Ran past ppl that normally come in in front of me, and ended up second female overall. So happy with that, as I didn't even bust my arse to do it! So less training is definitely meaning better results!! I'm also running my fastest times that I have in months. My legs feel so powerful, everyone dreads the hills, I love them coz I accelerate up them!! Maybe I was over-training before?!?! Maybe Sue knows what she's talking about! LOL. (I'm just kidding, I was mortified however when originally she told me to CUT BACK on cardio!!!). So happy with progress, especially the pants this morning!

I got a nice surprise at breakfast. Was enjoying the newspaper scouting the sports section for the Road Runners results and there's my big ugly mug staring at me!! An "action" shot was taken of me at netball last week and it's there for all to see in the sports section. *How embarassing* "Action" shot always means very unflattering!!!!!!

Well best be off to do some work. It's rainy here today, still getting the cyclonic weather so I dare say running will be a bit wet tonite. Legs day at gym today, might hang out there after it and do some dry running :) Just went to chiro, off to doctor now (so much for "admin" day, its my only chance to catch up on life!!!)

Seina xoxo


Hilary said...

That is awesome news Selina about your pants! Way to go - its nice to get "confirmation" of things like that isn't it? Love it!

Tracey said...

Congradulations, clothing are the best measure of how much you have lost. Forget the scales!

I think that you could almost fit into them twice!!!

Bella said...

Great pic! Congratulations - did you say you had about 6 weeks to go now?

Alicia said...

Gotta love the baggy pants! Woo hoo xo