Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lazy Blogger

Is there an award for that? I think I win!!!

It has been 2 weeks since my last post and I have managed to do the following:

Stay reeeeallly sick with that damn flu. I still haven't shaken it :( I had TEN whole days off training, felt like a whale but was ensured I didn't look like one. Attempted to go for a run and lasted 7 mins and had to walk :( Where is the long-distance runner in me hiding?? It's crazy how unfit I felt so fast, although I still holding some crap in my lungs and still got the attractive nasal voice happening :)

Back into weight training this week and so so so painfully sore and so so so loving it!!

AND although I dormant for quite some time, I had my skin folds redone on Tuesday and they're ALL DOWN!! I so didn't deserve that, but I'll take what I can ;)

I flew to Brisvegas last Friday night and stayed with Miss Lyndsay and her fam for the night before catching the train to the Goldy for my best friend's 30th!! What a night, it was AWESOME!!! My two friends from here left their babies and hubbies at home so it was a huge girlie trip :) Heaps and heaps and heaps of fun.

I also managed to yet again burn the credit card out. But did get a hot little dress for my bday party, so that cancels it out.

I ate well, didn't get to train at all but still come home with the skins down so I'm doing something right :) (eating!!)

UMmmmmmmmmmmm that's the end of my lil life. I visit my gorgeous little girl almost every day, and she'll be up from her nap now, so I better be off!!


Anonymous said...

I'm kinda glad that someone else is having this horrid flu thing too. Yep, whale-like feeling is there too and it has only been 4.2 days since I last trained. Good work on the skins being down! Can't keep a cool chicky down!

Casey said...

Aww gorgeous girl looks soo cheeky, what a heartbreaker. Nice work on the skins.