Thursday, February 11, 2010


That's what I feel like I am at the moment!!! This horrid flu has been hanging on. I was a bit naughty yesterday morning and went and trained leggies - I did feel almost 100% again before I went, but maybe pushed it a little toooo hard.

I find the longer I am in the air-con'd office, the more downhill I go as the day goes on. Then last night I had free Premiere tix to "Valentine's Day" - so more air-con.

Today I was worse than ever - my eyes watery and my back is just aching. I fronted up for my PT Session but my trainer turned me away (thank god, I really didn't feel like it!) and told me to go home and sleep. Love him! So I went back to work to shut down my puter - which between other 'stuff' took an hour! -then I was home.

Cold and Flu tablets are gooooood ;) I feel alll betterer again :)

It's frustrating having missed so many sessions but I need to practice what I preach and REST or I'll keep delaying being well. I just have no patience!

On the flipside, I had a nice little coffee date at my new fave place "Sinful Coffee", so that was the extent of my exercise today - walking the block and a half to get there ;)

And I popped into a newsagent on my way past, and the chickie working recognised me from the Oxygen Mag article. That was... weird!?!?! But cool :))

Enjoy the rest of the working week. Friday here we come!!xx


LizN said...

feel better oh famous one :)


Lauren said...

Hope the big germ goes away soon Selina! He probably saved you today from being hugged to death by the girl at the shop, seeing as you're famous now!!!! LOL!!! An autograph probably would have been enough for her!!!! hehehe!

Bec said...

Hi gorgeous girl, hope that you feel better soon. Oh wow, Oxygen, I am going out tomorrow to get a copy!! Now go and REST!! You need it.

Dianna Broeren said...

I wonder if catching summer flu is has a direct correlation to how often you flash your boobies around! LOL!!!!!! Probably not cause I haven't caught it :)

Hope you get better soon boobilicious girl!