Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Where on earth did I catch a summer flu??

Had a slightly sore throat last week but thought I got over it. Nuh-uh. Sunday afternoon it came on bad and Monday morning my alarm went off at 5am to get to my Community Health Challenge session by 6am. It was raining so someone called me, heard my voice and said "I'm calling everyone to cancel. You sound like sh!t".

I did plan on doing the session and going straight back to bed - after all I didn't want to stand the Mayor up!

I crashed back to sleep until 8.30am. Popped into work to pick up stuff to do at home, then somehow dropped back off to sleep from 12pm - 2.30pm.

I don't think I've slept that much ever! I can't remember the last time I had a real and true sick day from work - it just doesn't happen when you have a business. And I'm sure no one even noticed I was gone ;) Must take more sickies!!!

Needless to say no gym yesterday or today :( Just when I'm IN THE ZONE... poo-bum. But I refuse to be one of those inconsiderate people who share their germs when sick... sneezing and coughing all over the equipment. Ick.

I've lost about a kg from nose-blowing however!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


Chelle said...

I've joined your sick club today babe, it sucks! Was toying with the idea of training legs this morn, as like you i am in the zone!But forced myself to stay in bed. Fingers crossed it'll be all gone by tomorrow. Rest up girl =)

Hanni said...

Hi Selina hope your feeling better soon, summer colds are always such a drag hard to handle in the heat! Rest up chickadee!

Ali - MesoCorp said...

I had a stomach bug about 2 weeks ago... a real nasty one too. Not good. All you can do is rest up and relax.
Hey congrats on the article in Oxygen!! x

Leanne said...

Hey Selina,
Hope you get on top of it & are feeling better very soon!