Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday again!!!

10km run - 53min 29secs

Was quite happy with that, it hurt, and I actually thought of possibly only doing the 5km course, but thought "you sook, you'll feel better once it's done". In the last km, thought I was on track for a PB, then realised I wasn't quite sure what my PB was... Nevermind, I missed it anyway! It felt good all the same. I haven't done alot of "official" 10km runs, I usually just run based on time (ie a one hour run) rather than distance, so it's good to gauge where I'm at.
A few of us going in the half marathon in August have officially planned our training early Saturday mornings. It's going to kill me, but better to do it now than on race day! I'm slowly building up my distances, which can only be done on weekends due to work, but my goal is to survive the half, I'm not planning on a record time or anything!
Oh, I ordered some new shoes on saturday!!! I just can't stop spending money *blush*. No shoe stores stock my size however, 7 is the smallest (how prejudiced!!!), so I've ordered in a 6 to try. Some Asics Kayanos, got them for a bargain :) Quite excited about that!!

I'm feeling great today, not at all tired which is strange for a Monday morning! Had a few issues getting to sleep last nite (as usual) but probably managed 6 hours before I started getting unsettled....checked the time it was 4.11am. Damn that. Drifted in and out before the alarm went off at 5.05am. I've been fluffing around on the computer here, when I'm sposed to be at gym now... NAUGHTY!!! Monday is usually a big day at work so I use it as my rest day, but due to a few cancellations, I might get there this afternoon anyway :)

I'm feeling highly elevated and motivated at the moment!! That's what running does to me, I feel great having a goal (can't forget the new purchase either hehe), and just loving it at the moment. Reading about other people's runs etc also gets me excited to plod on!!

OHHH good news!! I have someone coming in for a "chat" today for employment!!! I'm soooo excited. Advertising is useless as I have previously discovered, I've briefly met this girl and she's just completed her Cert IV at AIF, same as all us trainers here, and she called me last nite!! That's even better as I know she's keen, I didn't have to call her! *Fingers crossed* all goes well, I can really need the help on the shifts I can't cover/the other two boys can't do. We're quite busy!! (Says me as I'm blogging....)

Well best be off, drag myself away from this computer, it's one of those days where there's so much to do, but where to start!
Have a great week!!!!!


Amy said...

Hey selina- good time for the 10km. I wrote you a message on my blog so I won't write it all again. It feels so good to have a goal doesn't it. I need something to strive for!!

Hope everything works out with the girl for work.

Take care,
Love amy

Hilary said...

Selina that is a bl**dy amazing time if you ask me - well done!

New gym shoes, how exciting! A friend of mine has size 5 or 6 feet and can NEVER find shoes that fit. Last year she went to Bali and bought 30 (yes, 30!!) pairs of shoes, cos over there she has a 'standard' foot!!

Hope all goes well with your "chat" with your potential new staff member!

Lauren said...

10kms in 53mins! That is awesome! Good on you, I wish I could run like that. I bet you felt fantastic afterwards. You go girl!!

Chontelle said...

That is a GREAT time for 10km! I have entered the Burnie Ten 3 years in a row now aiming to get under an hour, and last year missed out by 1 minute! It has seemed an impossible barrier to break... except I am thinking I should romp it in this year (well I better!).
And very inspiring to hear you are doing a half marathon... might have to follow your progress to see whether I might sign myself up for the torture too!
I also have those shoes! I got them this year, and I am very happy with them! They are the most expensive shoes I have ever owned, but when you are doing a lot of mileage in them I think it is worth it!
And I also think of my fellow bloggers to inspire me when I am running. In fact just seeing the progress Beki has made this year, has really helped me push myself further than I usually would!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh new shoes ... that is just the best ... I always reckon you feel like the fittest person on the planet when you get new joggers!!!

I have to say, listening to you talking about your running makes it ALMOST sound like fun :-) Any tips for a beginner who may feel inclined to try it out for themselves?

Have a goody!

Selina said...

Amy - I'd love to see your 10km time, you must be a little speedster!!

Hilary - I think I need to go to Bali with your friend. I ALWAYS pick up something when I go, or a friend goes there. But 30 pairs?!?! OMG!!!

Lauren - Thank ya! I'm just building up my distances again, so hopefully I'll be cracking the 50min barrier soon :) That's my goal anyway!

Chontelle - if you keep running as you have been, you'll crack the hour in no time :) Def can't beat Asics for runners, glad you've got all good to say bout them. I usually wear the kids asics but they don't last as long, so thought I'd take the plunge and spend more $$$ to get more life our of them! Maybe they'll make me run faster too ;) Oh and again, I think you should do the half :)

Mandy - Plenty of tips!! I will email you some stuff!! Remind me, I don't have it on this puter, will have to do it later.

Sekhmet said...

Great time on your run! I'll be happy to get anything near that for my race in two weeks! OOh, actually it's just over a week - eeek!