Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's was time...

I had to buy some new jeans. My old trusty faves which were a bargain purchase in Melbourne, have been a little errr.. big. Crotch hanging low, g-banger occassionally popping out (NOICE) from falling down my now-flatter butt. But I didn't want to part with them.

I really really liked a pair I saw in a shop window. Upon scouting them out they were Skinny leg jeans. Crap, I've never ever fit into a pair of skinny legs... I can't get them up my non-skinny legs. Then I found another pair that were even nicer. These were called "Super Skinny". Ahhhh double crap. But the stubborn cow in me wanted to try them on anyway. So I took in a size 10 - a bigger size should mean I can get them up my legs, right, and they're usually quite small makes :). I also took in a size 8, just in case I was having a "skinny" day. I walked out of the shop with not just a pair of the elusive Skinny jeans, but a pair of Super Skinny jeans...

.... in a size 6. (If I could insert the boogly eyed smiley face here I would).

I stood there 'arguing' with the shop attendant - "I can't get these, I'm not a size 6, maybe I should try the 7s." She rolled her eyes - "Darl, you've got them on and they fit you perfect, the 7s will be baggy". My brain couldn't accept that I'm a smaller me now. She must have thought I was a fruit loop taking in a size 10. I think the manufacturers have finally gotten the point that only stick insects could fit into skinny jeans previously, and altered the sizing for the general population. Or maybe I am classified as a stick insect now.

Either way, I got sh!t-hot new jeans!! WHOO HOO!! I wore them to the basketball last night, they are COMFY!!


For Christmas, I got a pair of (what used to be) gorgeous earrings from the f*ckface (as he is affectionately known) ex. As you know 10 days later it was all over red rover. I couldn't wear the earrings for a bit, then I got over that... Recently the diamonte stones had started to fall out and the earrings went a funny colour. I found the receipt thank goodness - of course I had it, he had the responsibility level of a dead fly - and thought I'd try my luck returning them.


Not only could I return them, I didn't even have to get them replaced for the same pair. I can pick whatever the hell to the equal value.

So now I have a gift card to spend on any sort of jewellery thanks to him, and best of all, there will be no reminder of him!

What a productive shopping day yesterday! :)


Kristy said...

Wow size 6 jeans, you are tiny Selina... All your hard work is paying off...

Cheryl said...

SCORE!! Super skinny legs...Grin.

Kek said...

So when I get to the airport, I have to look for the stick-insect in the super-skinny jeans and some kind of bling?

Cool. I'll be on the lookout.

little rene said...

Ha! Kek cracks me up! You are so lucky to have her as a friend!

But back to my my friend are a SUPERSTAR!

How awesome is it that it took that f#*kface hurting you so much to make you completely turn your life into the one of your dreams?

You now have the body that you always wanted, a place of yor own and a really positive and healthy outlook on life! What more could a girl want?

I am on my way too and I have to say that kickarse jeans are my biggest motivation! I cannot wait to reach my goal weight/size and parade my sexy arse around in 'em!

Thanks Selina you are really making me motivated at the moment! My brother lives in Brisbane so maybe one day I might venture there and come to your gym to get smashed Selina style!

Keep up the good work chickie!

Pip said...

Wow, size 6!!!!!

I'm happy about size 12, (will be rapt if it's EVER a 10).