Thursday, June 18, 2009


Time's flying!! Today is a public holiday for our show day which is why I can finally blog something. Bet you've all been dying for it :P Felt great to have cardio & weights done by 9.30am, whoo hoo. So the day is mine... and I'm at work :(

My weekend away was great :) Did some Lorna Jane retail therapy, had lunch and a catch-up with Miss Lizzie, loved the Pink concert as expected. I wasn't as over-awed as my other friends as I'd seen her in 2007 and knew what an awesome show it would be. I was a tad disappointed my two fave songs from her Funhouse album weren't played and heaps of covers were, but, well, you can't win them all hey. It was still a fantastic production!

Got home at 2am after driving back to the Gold Coast. Checked out Robina Town Centre - the refurbs are AMAZING!!!! Spotted a Max Brenners... OMG! Had to walk as far away as possible, coz if I even sniff the stuff I'll put on fat ;) I sat and ate my (boring) meal while my friend enjoyed a nice tasty healthy Grill'd burger. Can't wait to check that out after comp!

We went to Gold Class cinemas to see Angels & Demons. I liked it :) I pulled out my smelly tuna - I hope everyone got a whiff. It's their own fault for having popcorn when I can't :P

Good weekend, but always glad to be home.

This week had flown - been smashing the training. I can't believe there's only three weeks and 2 days till the All Females, it's snuck up so quick!!! So much happening... had some really upsetting moments yesterday which ended with me in tears again, so I took it out on my body. Used up all that negative energy in a positive way! YAY! Three weeks - head down, bums up!

Well that's my week of nothing-ness updated. Hope you didn't hold your breath :P I'm heading home to have a day off... Couch & DVD, here I come!!


Stephanie Davis said...

what's the next comp selina? :)
we saw angels and demons recently too, i took in my fish and salad and crunched away noisily to drown out the buckets of popcorn eaters, hehe

Valley Girl said...

I did leave a message yesterday but it's disappeared...

Enjoy your couch & DVD time you deserve it, you've had a lot on...

Stephanie Davis said...

oops your post did say that, need to read more carefully! well how exciting, three weeks to go before u get to strut ur stuff again- all the best!

Rebecca said...

So glad you had such a great time at Pink. Pre-sale Britney through Ticketek starts Monday, let me know how you go :) I ordered through preferred seating. Cost a fortune!!! Can't wait to see what seats I get.

Hope you also got to have a well deserved rest.

xox Rebecca