Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good Morning!!

This is a very strange occurance, I'm up and alive and NOT hung-over for the first Sunday morning in months!! I've had lots of events on lately, hen's nites, birthdays and weddings, and late nights mixed with a few drinks really do take it out of me! It's such a gorgeous day here today that I'm thinking of going to the beach at lunch time. It's so still, peaceful and not too hot. Ahhhh, I love this time of year :)
I'm also hoping to get to my friend's house to see my goddaughter and her new little 2 week old baby sister :) I just love Sundays like this when I can catch up with everyone and not be stuck to a schedule!
Ok, let me try posting some pics again...
Amazing how a computer will work if you don't swear at it :P
First one is me in my new dress that I waffled about a few posts ago. I think that was taken the night of my birthday dinner and drinks. Please excuse my fake, forced smile :P
Second one is of a SNAKE that was in our back yard!! EWWW! Turns out it was a Eastern Brown snake (no not the colour, the deadly sort), which is scary as I read in the paper not long after that that a little girl was killed somewhere in Australia after being bitten by one of them :(
Third one is the pwetty flowers I got for my birthday!!!


Kek said...

Love the dress!

We used to have Eastern Browns around our house when we were kids - it made for some very cautious walking around the vacant blocks in the neighborhood!

Hilary said...

Nice dress Selina! It suits you! Good to hear that you're sober this morning LOL!

Oooh that is scary about the snake, dont go walking around your backyard barefoot! I hate snakes!

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your Sunday

Hilary xx

jodie said...

I am loving the dress, you look gorg. Love the flowers, hate the snake. Snakes freak me out, especially big brown ones like that one. I don't know how you took the pic.

Kelly said...

Hi Selina,

Hope you had a wonderful birthday the other week, those flowers look beautiful (hint to BF!!!) Good luck with your new challenge :)


Rebecca said...

Hi Selina, I really like your dress. Very swish :)

Scary about the snake. I seriously lose it when there is a mouse around so I don't think I would cope well with a snake.

I am glad that you got blogger to work, I am clueless with technology and was barely able to change over to the new one. So sad, lol.

Enjoy your week :)

Shar said...

You sound please you can make the most of your Sunday!! I hope you made it to the beach?

Nice dress, horrible snake and pretty flowers!

shar x