Friday, March 23, 2007

Fed Up.........

with Blogger!!
I'm having issues with it on both of my computers!!! One's old dial-up so that explains a few things, but not on my super duper work one, there's no excuses. I can't log in the new way, so I go the old way which then tells me next time I must log in with my google account, but at least it still lets me in.... I can't post pics or anything else fancy AT ALL!!!

I've spent too many wasted attempts this week.... If I'm MIA occassionally, that's why! BLOGGER SUX!


Sekhmet said...

Make the switch to wordpress, a lot of us "running bloggers" have done that and are so much happier. I got fed up with blogger and the beta blogger was the last straw. Wordpress is soooo much more user friendly and well bahaved!

RaeC said...

I hear you girl!! You don't want to hear the kind of words I was using when fancying up my blog... LOL!! Great to have a post from you though, even if blogger isn't behaving itself... LOL!! xxx

Splice said...

Hey Selina!
Please don't give up. I for some reason was made to use blogger beta also. But it seems to be working out ok now.
Hang in there.
Debs xxx