Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Oh My, What a Wonderful Day!

I'm still on the high that I have been on lately - what's wrong with me! I'm usually such a grumpy bum ;P I guess nothing beats being back into routine :) And work which is the cause of all things stressful in life has been going well - I've set up my 'main' staff member on a good contract that is fair and provides security for both of us; I've got the go-ahead from my landlord to do renovations; the builder I'll be using is a client so we're simply going to do a trade-swap for the equivalent monetary value (YEEEHAAA!); and the nice man I got quotes for new equipment from knocked a fair chunk off the prices if I put a deposit down soon. I've applied to council for a permit to do various activities; I've got a meeting soon with the publisher of a trendy insert magazine as I'm keen to advertise in it - straight away he said "well we'll get you to do some occassional editorial stuff as well", so looks like I'll be busy writing articles as welll! All is good!!

The tsunami didn't hit ;). Was a first ever for us though! We get cyclone warnings every year and most people now are quite complacent, but the tsunami one had a few people nervous!! One of the big banks across the road even shut up shop!

I have sore legs from yesterday. I must admit that I worked hard but could have gone harder. It was my first session on this new program and I really couldn't be as sore as I was last time I did something new. I'm a little hobbly, but next time I'll go harder!! I just trained back and biceps and its great training at this time of the day. There were 5 people in the gym - 3 in the weights area! But of course, the 2 machines I needed were being used by the only 2 other souls in there!!! I just waited patiently (not!) doing a nice loooong warm-up... Hope there's some soreness happening tomorrow!

Speaking of which tomorrow is the last day!!! I am actually getting the four days off! That never happens at Easter! OMG! What will I do with me?!?! I was quite happy to work but my main trainer was keen, so she's covering Friday and Monday - as alot of people are away anyway. No point 2 of us being here for a few people each, she's happy to do the lot. Being the nice 'boss' I am, I've given her Tuesday off and I'll do a double cover her shift :)

On that note, better run, enough fluffing around here!

If I don't get back before the bunny comes, I hope he doesn't!!! ;) I've got my rabbit traps set, how bout u! LOL Have a nice break!!!


Shar said...

Hey Sel

You sound very organised, in control and focused.

Great to hear things are trucking along nicely!

Speak soon

Shar x

Kek said...

Good for you - sounds like life is mighty fine right now! :-)

15 more sleeps!

Di Broeren said...

Sounds like you have a case of "runners high"!

Keep up the great work! You be back in peak form in no time at this rate.