Tuesday, April 10, 2007

4 days of bliss over........

I had a blessing in disguise over the weekend. My home computer has karked it, it only happened on Thursday and it won't be back till this weekend. I was cracking a na-na when I found out as I took heeeeeaps of work home to do, but it was the best thing that could have happened to give me a break from work and from a computer in general!

I managed to do 7, yes SEVEN exercise sessions. (Inspired by Di) ;)
Friday was a morning 45min run, then a power walk and abs in the evening.
Saturday - I piked my usual long slow run as my knees have been a little sore with all the running, felt guilty, but slept in then off to the gym as soon as it opened for legs :)
Sunday - A walk before breakfast, to get me in 'the groove' so I wouldn't eat crap all day (it worked!! .... till about 3pm), then the big one.... wait for it.... an afternoon 15km run!!! YYEEEHAA!! I felt bad missing it on Saturday morning, and my knees were fine (overcautious I am, after my bad knee injury last year). I felt GREAT!! Fuelled with all that BBQ food and chocolate (I didn't just confess that) I powered through it. Burnt a measly 610 calories according to HRM. I was hoping for more than that :P
Monday - Gym for back and bis then an afternoon 9-10km run :)

I'm feeling great!! All work-rested at least, and just feeling energetic and fitter than I have all year! Four days work which I'm sure will go 10x slower than the last four days, then 2 days off, then three days work then I'm OFFFFFFF to SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Anyway, jumping ahead of myself there.... :P

I bought myself a new gym top from LJ on Saturday and I lived in it all weekend!! It's royal blue cross-back BUT it has the removable padded cups which help me oh so much... I LOVE THEM!!!!! I actually feel like a chick :P

Decipher this - compliment or critisism?!?!?
I was in my lil bro's room (he's 20) on Sunday as he'd just arrived back from holidays and i was checking out the ring he bought his GF. I was wearing the new LJ top as mentioned above, and my gym shorts. He, who rarely speaks to me, says out of nowhere "You look butch", I was shocked coz as I said it was out of nowhere, I replied "I've got boobs!" (proud of new top), and he goes "Yea, and you've got shoulders too". All I could think to say was "you're just jealous" and decided then was a good time to leave his room...

Made me think about it all weekend........................ So much for the new top making me feel like a girl.


Hilary said...

Definetely a compliment!!!! Maybe your brother just has a poor choice of words sometimes?? :) Brothers rarely notice things, but the fact that he says you've got shoulders is awesome!! What he prolly meant to say is "You look great" but in little-bro-speak it doesn't come out sounding like that!

Looks like Di has inspired a few of us over easter! Well done on the 7 sessions!

Enjoy the short week.

Hilary xx

Kek said...

Keep in mind that he's 20! My 19 year old son is always dealing out those kind of comments - he thinks skinny girls look good. Go figure!

You so do not look butch!!

jodie said...

I agree with Hils and Kek, young boys have no TACT, especially the brother kind of the species. In fact, men in general have generally little tact, they must have missed that in the gene pool. I would definitely take it as a compliment!!

Shar said...

Good exercise total for the weekend Selina!

You are not butch!! take no notice of your bro.

Shar x