Friday, April 13, 2007


An extremely flattering photo of mwa at bootcamp awhile back. I was on about my 110th consecutive tricep dip... and no, I'm not kidding! YEOUCH!

And just didn't this week fly!! I'm very excited as tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and foiled... yeeeeeeeeeeha! I've been growing it for so many years now it's time it got some style happening, and some nice colours! I get to dress up girly again tomorrow nite - I'm going as a partner to a cricket break-up/presentation dinner which includes free alcohol *uh-oh*!!!!!!! LOL! I will do my best to stay restrained but I take no responsibility if that doesn't happen :P

I'm getting up early to do for a loooong slooowww run, hopefully about 15kms again :) I'm loving how good running is feeling at the moment, I'm all excited about doing well in the half marathon I'm entering on 3rd June.

Only 6 more sleeps then to Sydney I fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta cram my 3 weight sessions into 3 days early next week, coz I'm not sure what quality the hotel 'gym' will be... I've booked a spray tan so I look better than pale amongst all those fit, buff people at the convention. But I'm from QLD, I'm always this brown ;P HA!

Anywho, better bolt, my home puter is still out of action so I can't do my usual blogroll rounds on the weekend :( Hope everyone has a good one!


Kek said...

Good thinking on the weight training plan! I'll do the same.

Only 5 sleeps now! :D

Dinner Friday night - don't forget!

Kelly said...

Selina - is this a possible romantic interest???? Have a great weekend and have fun in Sydney.

Kek said...

Also? Nice photo! Can you pleeeeeze make that face for me next week?