Thursday, April 26, 2007


FILEX 2007 was awesome!! Kek's bad influence won me over and we 'wagged' the opening session (a motivational type talk thing... i think!) favouring Starbucks and catching up instead. When we weren't learning stuff we were hanging out at the Fitness Expo - we were like kids in a candy store, all our Christmases come at once!! So much to look at, so much to try, taste and touch... I think we did well to only wag about 3 sessions total of the many over the 3 days! And Lorna Jane will be having a lovely holiday right now thanks to us I'm sure :P

I met and got pics of/with Lindy Olsen (she's gorgeous and SOOO tall... coz I'm really not that short!!), Warren Clampitt, Nick Jones and David Rylah all who have some sort of physique title. David is on the cover of the current Ironman Mag... one day I will be the chick on his back :P

Went out to dinner with Kek and Jay B and it was good to catch up with him again. I can't believe it's been a whole year! He's looking good as ever with those heeuge biceps ;)

I had a day off to do whatever-i-wanted on Monday in Sydney - unfortunately by then I was tired, brain was overloaded and I was just over it all! It rained all day so it wasn't all that fun. Home Tuesday with oversized bags and about 4kgs of supplements! A girl loves a bargain!

Now that I'm back, I'm re-energized and re-motivated to do lots more exciting things with work!!!!!!! Love being back in routine :)

Oh well until next Thursday when I'm off to Brisbane for 3 days... !!! This is just a crazy time of year!!

Will post some pics of all the hot bodies when I can get my camera and computer to co-operate with each other...

Kek - I will email you them soon!! I'm sure you can't wait to show your hubby the pic of Mr Bodybuilder giving you a kiss ;)


Kek said...

Yeah, I'm sure he'll love that one.... NOT! Can't wait to see the pics.

Andj said...

Hi Selina
Filex sounds like it was really great. Pity that it doesn't come to Brissy at all. Do you have to be in the industry or can anyone go?

Hilds said...

I'm jelous sounds like life is very exciting for you at the moment! Keep smiling and having fun (even if that means getting home at 4am!). Hilds

Kek said...

Come on, it's been a whole day - where's them thar photos? *pokes you*

Hilary said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time, and good news to hear that you are all remotivated!!

Cant wait to see pics!!!

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

Great to hear you had a ball hon!! I am so very jealous!! :o) xxx

Jaime-lee said...

Hi Selina!

Im back on board and blogging away, thought id drop past and say 'G'day!

Nick Jones trains here with us at Fitness First (I run the Admin here at the Adelaide City centre and know him well) he is Mr WORLD at the moment! great bloke and well respected man around here! ssshhh**sometimes though he brings these trophy looking girls in on his arm from the local strip joint* Adelaides not a big town hun so everyone knows everyone ESPECIALLY when theres only 1 5*STAR gym in town LOL....well i supose if you can get away with it WHY NOT! LOL

Anyway have a great day and look forward in blogging with you again
XXX Jaime-lee XXX