Thursday, May 07, 2009


I live in a neighbourhood of psychos. To the immediate right is a nice quiet couple. Beside them is a family of 5 who only know how to yell at each other. And yell loudly. And swear obscenities at all hours of the day. And night.

I learnt the F word from them.

About a year ago a young couple moved in across the road. They're a little crazy. They like to have people over a lot where the karaoke comes out. Usually it's weekends. We can also tell how much wine they've been drinking as the singing becomes louder and sounds more and more like an animal dying.

Last night they had one such party. I attempted to be in bed early, as today is a massive day, and grumpy me is not fun for anyone.

. I tossed and turned for hours as my lullabys from the karoke queens didn't put me to sleep. I ended up with earplugs. I planned my revenge.

As I drove out this morning at 5.00am I was going beep long and hard to interrupt their precious sleep - unfortunately probably waking everyone else as well though.

Aren't they lucky I was so freaking tired I forgot to do it.

I'm open to any other revenge suggestions. :)


Ronnie said...

Call the cops. It's a week night.

Cheryl said...

Nutter huh? I bet I know them. I tend to atract them like flies to poo! I don't know why. I have a stalker as I type. My husband and I often laugh about it!
I will call them for you and tell them to stop..

~ Valley Girl ~ said...

Not good, people just dont have respect for others these days, esp on a working week night...

Hope tonights a better night!