Monday, May 04, 2009

MAN oh MAN!!

Life is sooooo freaking busy!!!!!!!!!!

After getting back from Sydney I had a mini-meltdown - the panic that I'm so not lean enough. The boss got on the phone and we went over a few things, including the fact that I may not do the INBA after all. On the Thursday I went to Brisvegas for an overnighter and my mum came with me. She's the best sidekick - went to my various appointments with me and was the trusty helper.

Spent a whole morning with Jo Rogers - that woman is amazing! My costume is GORGEOUS!!!! My mum was the videographer (is that a word?) and filmed my session with Jo so I have all the posing tips and techniques and a routine on DVD. Jo confirmed that I could be leaner at that stage, but she said I will still be fine on stage. If I was going in it to win - don't, as I won't be the leanest or the most muscular. I'm certainly not going in it to win, it's been such a great journey, and leanest or not on stage, I'm the smallest and fittest I've ever been in my life!!!!!!! I gave myself a challenge and I stepped up to the mark - I achieved a goal I never ever ever thought I'd ever do!! GO ME!! ;) I'll be up there to commemorate that :)

Am I nervous - hell yes. It's not every day this chick gets 95% naked infront of thousands of strangers... I'm yet to ask the boss if I can have a drink or three before going on stage to calm my nerves... ;) LOL!

Came home Friday night and trained hard and worked all weekend to catch up. Had a horribly stressy week last week - panicking about my 'fatness', not fitting in posing and routine practice, being soooo overtired - every night last week ended in tears. The icing on the cake was sh!t hitting the fan at work which ended with me in tears in front of all the staff. ARGH!! When everything you don't want to happen does, and it does right at the crucial time of comp prep! If the past week was a test, I survived, just.

THEN I had another trip away this weekend - I'm so over it!! I booked a road-trip to Townsville for a music festival way back before I even went to Bali. Back when I was newly single and I was grabbing every opportunity. I was such a mess last week I was happy to cancel the road-trip and forfeit accomodation and the tickets - anything to get time at home, BUT my two friends from the Gold Coast were flying up to go with me. So there was no chance of piking!

We left on Friday and had a great time - four hour drive up took nearly seven!!! LOL!! We stopped at Airlie Beach for a late lunch then half way along my friend who was driving said "errr... should that light be on". We were in my sister's car as mine is broken still, and a little box with a star in it, didn't appear to be a 'normal' light. So Little Miss Mechanic here got out the manual and diagnosed our problem - we were overheating. Oh-oh. Pulled into a servo, topped up the coolant level - no help of course from the many males who pulled into the servo and thought it was a good sight seeing three chicks playing with stuff under the bonnet. Who needs them anyway :P Back on the road we went...

I took all my food and wasn't even tempted. If there's anything more motivating to NOT eat off plan - it's thinking of my ass in that costume... We had fun, the music festival was fun. Oh, ran into the one person I never want to see again - the ex and his little girlie. Would you believe I have never ONCE bumped into him here at home since we broke up - although we train at the same gym and live in the same suburb - but when I'm away it happens every time - Gold Coast, Townsville. It's like a bad smell that follows....

But anyway we fit in a bit of shopping so it was an all-round fun time with the girls. On the way back as we passed the same service station we fixed our little issue up at on the way, I glanced at the dash - would you believe the same warning light was on. Little Miss Fix-its pulled to the side and problem was solved straight up!

My friend had the early flight this morning, so I took her then jumped back into bed for a few more hours to make the most of the public holiday.

So that's been my life the last 10 days, HECTIC!!!!!!!

If I'm not around for the next few weeks, my life is too busy!!! As long as I continue to shrink each day, I'll be a happy chappy :P


linda said...

I feel exhausted just reading what you've been doing! Hope the training continues to go well- fantastic to be so committed.

Kek said...

LMAO!! Slow DOWN for a second, girl!

Know just how you feel, and it's all normal. Next time you'll be far more relaxed, with less to worry about. Except for the OMG my butt is HUGE thing - that never changes. ;o)

You've done a fantastic job and achieved what you set out to, so yay! You'e nearly there now, just hang on a bit longer.

Even though I can't make it, I'll be there in spirit. I expect a text and some photos ASAP of course...


ss2306 said...

Hey Selina

You have and are overcoming obstacles you never thought you could which shows the strength you have within.

Keep going babe. You're nearly there. And the hard yards will be so worth the effort once you are on that stage feeling a million bucks.

Can't wait to see you and catch up.

You coming to the afterparty? We'll have a brew of 3 there!

Cheryl said...

I have been thinking of you Miss S. You will do fine. and sleep, it is amazing what it will do for you..LOL

little rene said...

Ha! I can certainly agree that the thought of having your ass in one of those minute costumes would turn you off junk food in any form!

I am SO proud of you Selina! You have overcome some HEUGE obstacles this year and you deserve all of the happiness in the world :)

I can't wait to hear about this exciting comp adventure! xxx

~ Valley Girl ~ said...

Gosh you have been absolutley busy, at least it was with great company and a good girlie shop, I bet your ex is kicking his own ass now as he would have noticed the changes in you esp not seeing you much (bad luck buddy) I say...

you will look amazing and as kek said cant wait to see photos~ good for you for going for goal...


Hilds said...

Hi Selina, just wanted to say well done on making it this far! You should feel awesome that YOU have done the best YOU CAN! Remember it's not about anyone else but your personal journey. Have an awesome time on the stage and really appreciate how far you have come! GOOD LUCK FOR THE FINAL FEW DAYS!