Saturday, May 23, 2009


I still really really really want to compete again soon - I have the costume, the heels, all the bits and bobs, and I have the routine from Jo, which I can't waste. And I'm in shape! :)

SOOOOO before the decision was made on Thursday, Little Miss Full-of-Ideas was fluffing around, thinking how much fun it would be to go and watch the All Females and catch up with some of the girls again, and meet others that I haven't already! I can get budget direct flights from here. I went down in 2007, stayed with Kerryn and had a ball!! OK, so I was really wasn't thinking about the whole money issue... which I should be, but I was excited!!

Then I thought - I wonder how I'd feel being in the audience and not competing -
Pumped to do it again?
THEN I thought - well if I'm there, why not bloody compete?

THEN the wheels started turning. The flights are cheap. I'll credit next weeks flights and put towards flights for a trip I need to make in July to Brisbane. So regardless I need to buy more flights anyway - whether it's to Melbourne or Brisbane.

I'm already registered with INBA. (I would have had to register with ANB for the ONE comp, therefore flushing $130 down the drain).

I have a routine.

I don't have to cram routine practice.

CHA-CHING... You following me here...??? ;)

Could it be any more obvious of a decision!?!?!?

SO I called Lizzie all bubble-brained, gushing and excited. She was TOTALLY for it and said it will be the FUNNEST (word?) weekend! She will be down too which is even better! SOOOO... I'M DOING THE ALL FEMALES IN JULY!!!!! WHOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I called Kerryn - I'm going to crash in on her again, in her brand new schmiko house, which I can't WAIT to see. I was lucky enough to see the display home they built from in 2007! I know she just can't wait to be my tanner, slapper and all the rest. HA! :P

How could I have not thought about doing it this way before?!?!!?

See, I'm not spending any more money, I'm just going to a different comp in a different place! That totally justifies it! ;)

But the scary thing - a newbie, novice, green (no reference to my costume either! ha!) competitor like me, has to step up into Intermediate. *scary music* BUT, I'm there purely for the experience (and to wear all my shiny, sparkly stuff again!! hee hee) and I know I'll have a BALL regardless!



Kek said...

Well, THANK GOD you've announced it, because I hate keeping secrets!

Can't wait! I shall house you, feed you, chauffeur you, slap cold tan all over you and boss you around. Fun, fun, fun!!


I'll even crank up the heater for you. Bring your coat!

Kristy said...

Great news Selina, sounds like you will have a ball... Can't wait to see more photos...

Jadey said...

Wahooie! Can't wait for you to be there with us! My email is so email me honey!

Jadey xx

Hilary said...

FANTASTIC news Selina!!! Very very exciting, dont forget to take your thermals...!!!

Hilary xx

linda said...

am I right in thinking you're coming to sunny ole melb?? thats fantastic- I'll be there to cheer you on! Could you post the details ie date and time? or I could stop being a lazy sloth and actually look it up! lol

little rene said...

Could this possibly mean that there will be more pictures ;)

Just joking I LOVE 'em! You go girl!

Spartze said...

wohooooooo Miss Selina wohooooooo

Jehanne said...

Weeeheeeeeeeeeeee I am so excited about this decision ;)