Monday, May 18, 2009

I DID IT, I DID IT, I DIIIIIID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the bestestest fun ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick post, I'm still in Brisvegas, hogging my cousin's computer - gotta get ready to for a photo shoot done by Dallas Olsen with Liz very soon. I'll look beautiful (as always) ;P as I've had NO sleep and they eyes are puffy - I'm thinking the drag queen make-up is to blame! - the adrenalin last night had me up still at 1am, although I was dead tired! I kept reliving my 'glory'! LOL

I was soooo relaxed and just wanted to get the show on the road - I was ready! The butterflies started as soon as I got to the complex. There were sooo many gorgeous bodies!

I got to see some of the show before it was my turn.

There were 14 in Novice and everyone looked really really good. Compared to various DVDs I've watched of previous competitions - the standard seems to have really picked up (but that's just my 'novice' opinion!)

I think the order of events was something like this: It's all a blur to me at the moment, I can't wait to get the DVD to verify my memories!!!

We were split into two rows and did our thang. I think I was in the row that went first... err gosh I really can't remember now. After the inital nerves walking out, I just had fun. My legs started to turn to jelly though - must have been the adrenalin - it was such a shame, I didn't get the best from my legs and abs pose as my leg was shaking like crazy and would hardly hold me up. But that's fine, it didn't matter!!!

I was called in the first call-out with three (?) other girls. THAT was exciting being called out - I know that the judges want to scrutinize you a bit more. I heard Liz and Shannon and whoever else was right up the front - "Own it!" etc :) It was awesome people yelling my name, I wish I could see the faces the noise was coming from! There was a loud booming male voice from the front which said "Go Selina" a few times over - I have no idea who it was as I knew no males there. Girls - was it one of your hubbys or boyfriends?!?! Tell them THANKS - I heard it!!!!! Or did I have a random fan! LOL! The support from everyone was GREAT!

Then we went back to our row, and I got called out again. Honestly I wasn't really listening and didn't realise - I was like "Again? I just got back here" hee hee. The chickie I was posing against smiled and said "let's do this girl" - that was really nice to hear. All the girls were so supportive - when split into 2 rows, as we posed they were encouraging and pushing us on, and vice versa. Such a warm fuzzy feeling - and doesn't that sound corny. When the 2 of us did our final abs and thigh pose my leg was going insane, Jason the MC actually came over and asked if I was feeling OK - I said I was fine, just shaky! I was embarassed more than anything, but the girls in the audience said it wasn't that obvious and others had bad shakes too.

So I got to make the most of my glory time as I was in all the call-outs!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! The pose-down was heapsa fun too, a lot more relaxed :)

So the girl I did the final call-out with came in third - so it must have been between us for that position!! So we're presuming I came in 4th. I AM STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooo happy to simply be there - considering about 4 weeks ago we didn't know if I'd end up making it!! MY GOSH, what an experience! I cannot wait to see the official results, the DVD and the photos :) Dallas took professional pics, so I'll post them up as soon as I'm able. I'm going to be the biggest boast! LOL!

Liz has a few on her blog if anyone hasn't already seen them :) Any girls that have pics from the day, I'd LOVE if you could email them to me if you don't mind. My email is

So I have to say a huge thank-you to my three L's - Liz, Lyndsay and Lana.

Coach Liz, commonly known as THE BOSS. For being SPOT-ON with my diet and food timing and training! WOW WOW WOW! Her original goal for me was to be about 46kgs on stage - I came in at 46.2kgs. SPOT-ON! For having faith in me - as I mentioned previously, a month ago we didn't know if I'd get there, but I put the paddle in harder when I needed, and we did it! And did it GOOD! And for not letting me eat too many jelly snakes yesterday - LOL!!! But with the rice cakes and honey, and snakes, we got it spot on. My muscles filled at the right time - I got the biggest fright to see myself in the mirror - apart from the fact it looked like I'd rolled in vegemite, I WAS BUFF!! I'd NEVER seen myself like that :) THANKS LIZ - you're the bestestest coach EVER!

Miss Lyndsay - for all her tips, pointers, constructive critism etc - we had daily contact where she just let me waffle. Whinge and whine if it was a bad day, boast and love myself (HA!) if it was a good day. For some butt kicks if I was being a sooky la-la and just over it, and encouraing me! For helping with everything from my costume choice to song choice (should I do the next one), and simply understanding as she's been there herself! Thanks girl, I LOVE YOU!

And last but not least, my best friend Lana. She came through at the last moment and collected me from the airport, we stayed with her parents in Brisbane for convenience (she's from the Gold Coast), she painted me up many times over, sacrificed her sleep-in to get up and tan master me on Sunday, bought my water, helped with my food, carted me everywhere, and best of all - didn't laugh at me in my drag-queen make-up!! For someone who's never experienced any part of a body-building comp, she did awesome! Thanks Lana - love you too :)

The of course I can't forget my mum - she didn't fit in with my three L's theme though ;) HA! She was my angel :) Can't wait to show her photos when I get home tonite :)

It was FANTASTIC to meet, see again and get support from - Shannon, Fern, Jadey, Deb, Hils, Tara (thanks for helping slap me!!!), Tea, Lindy, Di, Nicole, Kerry and... crap I know I would have missed someone, my mind was soo bamboozled.

Katie and Shelley and Shelley's 2 gorgeous girls - you all looked amazing and Congratulations!! Cath - although we didn't catch up, I recognised your bikini on stage - it was AMAZING! You looked GREAT!

Crap, I gotta run, I did say a short post, but I'm SO freaking excited still, excuse my waffles. I'll be back with more stories I'm sure, but for now I'm going to replay every minute in my head! LOL

The next question - 2 weeks time - to ANB or not to ANB!?! :)


Ronnie said...

You Rock My World Selina. Well done! I was thinking of you over the weekend and I am so glad you had a fantastic time. I think you should definatley ANB. Just pay the money (beg, steal, borrow if you have to) for your unit and move afterwards. This is shaping up to being a totally awesome and fantastic year for you.

Casey said...

Hey Hotstuff! How freakin awesome did you look!!! You must be mega proud, big congrats, you deserve it.


Hilds said...

Selina you looked AMAZING! WELL DONE! I'm glad you had such an awesome experience. Enjoy the boasting, you deserve it! Can't wait to see some more pics.

Kristy said...

Fantastic job Selina. Your photos look really good!

Lyndsay said...

Hey girl! Love you too! Thank YOU for letting me a part of your experience!!

You did amazingly, you looked STUNNING, absolutley gorgeous!! Most importantly I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself.

Have a great time at your photoshoot today!!

RaeC said...

Congratulations Selina... what an awesome first comp you had. You should be so proud of yourself and your Coachy... GO GIRL!! When's the next one??? Go the ANB... LOL!! xxx

Splice said...

OMG they worked you on that stage Selina! I honestly thought you were battling it out for first place because of how incredible you looked :-)
I post pictures of you on my facebook so go see ;-)

Congratulations on presenting an amazing physique on the day and for reaching your goals.

Deb xxx

P.s. Do the ANB

Cherub said...

You looked amazing Selina - Well done!!

Kek said...

You sure did DID IT!! LMAO!

Excited much, Missie? :o)

Hope the photo shoot went well - nah, scrub that; I know it would have with Dallas behind the lens and gorgeous you in front of it.

Sneak me some pics as soon as you can....PLEEEZE. I'm dying here! (Still sulking that I didn't get to come and see your moment of glory.)

ss2306 said...

You look amazing Selina. Congrats on your achievements. And thanks for making last night so much fun also. Hope you had a blast today.

Anonymous said...

You did awesome sweetheart and looked positively stunning! You certainly didn't look like a novice competitor and your overall package was polished and perfect. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience, that makes it all worth while doesn't it! :o) xxx

LizN said...

What were amazing kiddo and I am so privileged to be part of the journey..go Super Gal!