Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm sleeping like a baby now, but still waking earlier than I'd like to when trying to have 'sleep-ins'.
I'm so excited!!! The nerves will return no doubt on the day, but I just want to have FUN!!!
Last bit of packing and food prep done today so I'm all ready to fly out tomorrow. Hair removal will be done after my midday massage then the contest colour application starts. I'm sure that's going to be fun - my poor mummy gets the job and neither of us have touched the stuff before.

My mum's really excited too and she's disappointed now that she didn't book flights to come down and see the comp. She's seen all the hard stuff but misses out on the glory!!!

This is what she gave me:

A home-made card which says "Congratulations on the effort you put in to achieving your goals", and also included some pocket-money to help with the expenses. I was so touched!!!

Bet she'll be wanting it back once the tanning starts later on ;)


Jadey said...

Oh that is so sweet. That's what Mum's are for! We'll be there watching so we'll report in to her! lol

Enjoy the last few days gorgeous girl!

Jadey x

Jehanne said...

haraaaahhhhhhh - isnt it so?
Cant wait to see some pics - you better be on the ball with them!!!!!!!!! lol

Kek said...

It's not that bad. Just make sure you both wear rubber gloves. And put down a drop sheet and some old towels.

The fun part begins!