Friday, July 03, 2009

I'm Going to the Circus!

I got tix for myself and one of my best friends - the other 2 weren't interested for some reason?! Back in the day we said if Britney ever toured Australia we were going - 10 years on, I have tickets :) She just has to find a way to trust her hubby to look after their three kids under 5 for a few days... So excited!!! :) (But please don't tell anyone!!!).


Splice said...

Sounds like it will be a great night, I would go if I had the tickets too.
Have fun.
Deb x

Stephanie Davis said...

I was a big fan back in the day... lately my loyalty has waned. My sis jumped online to buy tickets, Im working out whether or not I can afford to buy one from her! :)

Rebecca said...

Woo hoo Selina!! What seats did you get? Are you going the Tues or Weds night? I am going on the Tues.

I got some tickets through but then I jumped online for a look at Ticketek and could have got some amazing 3rd row seats right in the middle. I rang preferred seating and they can't even tell me my allocation until 2 weeks before.... Oh they had better be good or I won't be happy!!!

So glad you are going too!!!!!!

xox Rebecca