Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Four sleeps to go!

I'm on the countdown - just like last time. :)

I'm starting to get excited now!!

My nose is running like crazy, but nothing like a bit of cardio to get the juices flowing and clean out the old nozzle system!

Should start packing today, and organising what comp specific stuff I need to take. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute! Luckily Kerryn has told me I don't need any dark towels or sheets as she has them all, then from the plane we're going to the supermarket for all my food supplies to cook up, SO thank goodness I don't need to take all that either - the stuff that takes up heaps of room. It's SUCH a relief staying with someone else who competes!!! Makes things heaps easier :)

I have only half a tub of Tan Master left - what do others prefer - the Tan Master or Dream Tan as I'll have to arrange for more of one or the other. Dream Tan was banned at the Brisbane comp, so I've only ever used Tan Master... should I stick with what I know? Or go the Dream Tan that most people seem to use?


Kitty said...

at the risk of exhibiting my utterly SHAMEFUL igorance in relation to most things bodybuilderesque....how the f&#k can a TANNING PRODUCT be banned from anything?

is it laced with cocaine? if so, where can i git some??!

seriously please tell me why it i banned...i HAVE TO KNOW.


Splice said...

All the best with your comp Selina :-)
My first interstate comp was to Melbourne and I was so lucky to have Lia and Daniel take me in and look after me, it makes a huge difference.
Have loads of fun.
Deb xxx