Monday, July 06, 2009

How did it get there so quick?

There's only 5 sleeps to go! four in my bed and one at Kekky babys!!! :)) It's so freaking cold here, I'm scared to think what Melbourne will be like. Lucky I have the expert who's advised me on what to pack. :)

So I've been ill. :( Went home last Thursday after I'd taken all my clients and had a sloth day. Worked Friday but then it came on real bad. Razor blade throat, watery eyes and runny nozzle. I know exactly whose fault it is too - my early Thursday client was ill, and I was a bit cranky he came in saying "I'll be OK to train" (yea buddy, but will I be OK?). I said to him "if you make me ill, I'll be really peed off, I don't get sick and I can't so close to comp". Famous last words...

Anyway a bit of forced quality time with the couch was in order all weekend. And lots of drugs.

This week I'm taking off - as in not seeing clients. Still have to do admin and payroll etc. I needed a decent sleep so turned my phone off last night to get one.... after a lovely sleep-in this morning I had no less than 4 text messages - my staff are sick too. ARGH!

So guess who's in at work sorting it all out - rescheduling clients etc :( Nevermind, I'll survive!

Few more training to go.... haven't had the ideal prep, but I'll still get up there and have some FUN!!! Bring it on :)


Jehanne said...

Be seeing you soon honey! rest up, see you soon to smash it on the stage! ;)

Mightee Mouse said...

I know how you feel - I am still getting over my illness. Great attitude - we're going to have fun up there woo hoo!!

Kek said...

LOL. No such thing as the ideal prep.

Just dress warm and you'll be fine. Sheesh, you've been to Canada; what are afraid of? I have blankets. And extra clothes you can borrow (not that they'd fit you...)