Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!

What a day!!!!!!!! Had a topsy-turvy one, but isn't that expected on Freaky Friday?????

So excited - I'm going to a Christmas Party (yes already!) tonight. A business I do Corporate Training for has invited us - I sooooo can't wait!! (has nothing to do with all the alcohol and food they're putting on. Hey, I'm not in uniform tonight!).

Theme is - Friday 13th. Duh! The staff will all be doing (made to do may I add)Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance - I sooo can't wait to see it!

My two staff and I are dressing nice and easy as devils. More halloween than Friday 13th, but... meh. I've done the devil dress-up many times! Shall I be a naughty or nice-ish one?

Leather pants, here I come! *evil giggle*


Dianna Broeren said...

I'm tipping you went with the naughty!! So sorry I missed you one your visit. I only read your email on the Monday. You must text me next time.....would have loved to compare boobies :) LOL!

Rebecca said...

I hope you had an awesome time at the xmas party. I think you will have a lot to celebrate this Christmas :) What a year!

xox Rebecca