Saturday, November 07, 2009


I had an amazing trip!!!!

Spent Saturday afternoon with Lyndsay and her kiddies after I flew in, before we got ready for din-dins. My friend from home (my new bestest friend whom I did everything with) came out with us - she's deserted me and left me alone here to live in Brisbane about a month ago :( BUT it was great to see her and for her to meet....................
Shannon &

These girls alll look SOOO good, healthy and happy - made me realise how hard we are all on ourselves; I've found my happy place, I hope everyone else struggling does too. It's so much better to be at peace with yourself than continually fighting. xx

Had a great meal and ever better vinos at Meccah Bah before continuing on to other nice lil places. Was home by 1pm-ish, so behaved myself ;)

MovieWorld was canned on Sunday due to the weather, but I took the trip down to the GC anyway to spend a few hours with my bestest friend down there. It was sooooo good - we had SO much to catch up on ;) Finished the day with a walk/run with my cousin thru Brisvegas - noice!

Monday - up early for a run, then I took the Shuttle up to Noosa to spend time with someone very special :))) I LOVE NOOSA!! I'm soooo moving to the Sunny Coast! We got up on Tuesday morning for a glorious run through the National Park - I loved it soooo much! Then jumped in the ocean for a swim - my new girls had their first ever day out in bikinis!!!!!!!!! YAY!! Was awesome! Mark my words - I made a pact on the beach this day that I would do the Noosa Tri next year........................ let's see how that one goes!!!!!!!!

We made our way back to Brisvegas over a few hours, checking out the coast, stopping at Mooloolaba for a looksy. Just LOVED the coast. I think I've found my new home. We were party poopers and missed some big horse race, as we were driving ;)

Got to Brisbane and went for a walkie, din-dins and early night as someone (not me) had to get up at 4.30am Wednesday to run up Mt Cootha! We parted ways a few hours later and I hooked up with Miss Jeh, Lyndsday and Shannon for lunch/coffee - was great to see them again :)

Not long after Jeh left us, I had a call from my bro-in-law - my sis was in early labour!!!!! I told her to wait till I was home - I was flying home that night. ;)

5.58am on Thursday morning my little niece - Isabella Chloe was born! I'm in love with her!!

There has been just soooo much excitement this week. I'm all over the place. Highs and lows (a good friend had bad news), stresses and excitements!


LIFE IS GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))


Jehanne said...

It was awesom gettin to spend a bit of time catchin up with u in person ;) u rock babes!!!!! xx

Vicki said...

Wow Selina, sounds like someone had a fabbo time away!! And what a great way to top it off, with the arrival of your baby niece :)
It sure sounds like you are in a great place right now, so good to hear! Keep it up babe and looking forward to some piccies of bub??
Vic x

Anonymous said...

Hey Selina, you are such a cracker - love you xx

Tara said...

hmmmm i wish i had known you were up here Selina :o( I would have loved to do the national park walk with you.

Sounds like you had a great trip! xx