Friday, October 30, 2009


Again!!!!!!!!! WOOP!!

Cannot WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm flying off tomorrow and Miss Lyndsay will be picking me up and we'll have a huge catch-up before getting ready for dinner and drinkies with the girls! Can't wait to have a proper chat to everyone, not backstage at a comp! I will behave (to the best of my ability) as we're hitting Movie World on Sunday, I'd rather not be seedy for that! ;)

On Monday I'm heading up to Noosa to spend Monday and Tuesday with a friend - so cannot wait for that as I've never been to the Sunny Coast! Bit slack for a QLD'er - it's closer than the Goldie, but I'm always down there!

Wednesday I have a full day in Brisbane before I take the last flight home. I have no plans so far, so I'm happy to wing it, or catch up with anyone if you're free!! Apart from a shopping list with 2 items, my credit card must stay away from the shops!! Did way to much of that in Melbourne.

I'm SO SO SO SO excited about this trip - I seriously LOVE MY LIFE right now! I haven't been doing a lot of blogging or inter-netting, because, finally, I'm LIVING again! I used to sit at home and just waste time on the puter - we all know how much time flies doing that - now I'm having!! I'm never home. :)))

Take me back a year and I thought I was happy - HELL NO! Unfortunately I was happy to settle with where I was... thinking that was the best I could have. NEVER EVER EVER settle!! Ok, and so as to not get preachy, I might sign off now. :P

See some of you tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!! With your party shoes on!



Cherub said...

I love your energy Selina.

Have a great time - I'm sure you will.

ss2306 said...

You going soft of me girlfriend?

Take it easy - pfftt. Easy is for pussy's (LOL).

Jadey said...

Hey HOT STUFF! How was your trip! Tell me more!!1

So lovely to see you again (even for just a few short hours!) Hope you had fun...

You are looking amazing gorgeous girl!

Jadey xx