Friday, October 02, 2009


I'm SOOO pumped! I've been organising a massive event for this evening! My studio is having a PARTY at a funky function place on the river and it's going to be AWESOME!

All five of us trainers are doing the Little Black Dress thang - our clients won't recognise us as we're always wearing long pants, no/minimal make-up and pony-tailed hair. We can't wait to glam it up!

I've got the coolest balloon display coming, the nibbly food will be divine - no deep-fried crap - some of the stuff I can't even pronounce!!

I've just come back from the final meeting with the owners which is why I'm so excited - I can't concentrate! *bounce bounce bounce*

We're expecting 150 people so I can't wait to be Miss Social Butterfly.

I've had some GREAT prizes given to me- LJ Voucher, a Massage Voucher, $150 Hair & Beauty Package, and I was given an awesome discount for a weekend accommodation package at a 4.5star resort at Airlie Beach. I'm getting good at sweet talking!! hee hee

And so then of course as I have pimp these places, they've looked after me by doing my spray tan and I'll be getting my hair funkied up this arvo all for FREE :)))

SOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo hope everyone else has a great weekend! If you're up this way feel free to pop on in! I'll post some pics up :))

I'm thinking that Functions & Events Co-Ordinator should be my next job - I love it!


Cherub said...

I can feel the excitement in your post. Have a great night, look forward to seeing the pics.

ss2306 said...

Sounds devine - have a drink and nibblies for me

Hilary said...

Have an AWESOME time Selina!! Sounds like it will be a great event, look forward to hearing all about it!

Hilary xx

Kek said...

What time does it start? Maybe there's a flight going cheap....


Have a ball!

Stephanie Davis said...

Sounds awesome- have a blast!!!

Rebecca said...

Have a fabulous night Selina, well done on the party planning. Now the fun part starts!!

Kristy said...

Have a great night Selina, it sounds like you will have a ball.

I love dressing up!

Jehanne said...

oooooooo I wanna come!! I hope we can catch up sometime whilst I am over this side! xo

Ann said...

I am excited for you - HAVE FUN!!!!!