Friday, October 09, 2009

Yup, It's ME!

I was flicking back through some old comments and a month ago Linda asked the question:

Hey Selina- is that your pic in the latest Ultra magazine?? I've checked out your earlier pics and it does look like you!

So I'm not the quickest at responding, but yes, it is me! A few shots from the photoshoot I did with Dallas Olsen in May are used for an article on pages 62 and 64.

My mum and sister were so excited and told EVERYONE - they are so cute :) And to think it's not even an article on me, it's just my pics to supplement an article!!!


And a huge congratulations and well done to the gorgeous Miss Jadey for your starring role in the latest Oxygen mag! You look HOT HOT HOT- and well deserved girl!

And also to the other hot chickies who're inside, how cool is it hey!!! I'll be demanding some autographs when I see you all next!! ;)


Jadey said...

Awww thanks Sweetheart, and don't worry, I'm going to grab Ultrafit!!! AND you will have to sign it when I see you!! And Hardcore with Miss Nazaroff in it! Wahoo girls, you all rock! J xxx

Valley Girl said...

well done selina, you have been a busy girl as usual...

Party went off with a bang by the looks of it, you looked stunning...

By the way in that 1st photo, girl back row, Is her name Linda?