Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Four Times Less Wise

I'm alive and I survived.

The day surgery was running FOUR hours late - booked in at 3.30pm, didn't get knocked out till just before 7.30pm. You can imagine how freaking STARVING I was. Oh and thirsty as I had to follow the rules for fasting for the earlier surgery.

Four teeth gone - not happy Jan. I've never had a problem with my wisdom teeth, like, ever. No issues, no growth pains, NOTHING.

The top 2 have been there, and through perfectly, for 10 years - I had teeth extracted when I was 12 for braces, so there was heaps of room.

The bottom 2 were just hanging round under the surface, one of them decided to grow a bit crooked. Silly bugger. So my local dentist said to just get the bottom 2 out. Great.

Paperwork comes back and oral surgeon wants them all gone. WHY!?! They are perfectly FINE. Of course, them being the experts 'win'. So they stole all 4.

Now was that an interesting story? Does make you wonder if they're feathering each other's and their own pockets sometimes though.

The anaesthetist's assistant nurse came to collect me and it just happened to be a previous client. A really great, friendly guy. Haven't seen him all year as he's been serving in Afghanistan, but as I learnt he's back on a casual basis.

Straight away I said "NOOOOOOO. No revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So he threatened tattoos, piercings, and missing eyebrows.

Have to admit, he was just great and asked me many questions to make me waffle crap, coz by then I was pooping my pants.

Went all light and fuzzy (like after a few glasses of vino ;) hee hee hee), then I woke up with an ice-pack, and zero feeling in my face!

When I come out of it, I feel like I'm pissed. I waffle absolute crap (which I'm quite talented at straight) and looking back now I can't really remember what we spoke about. Must be good entertainment for them.

My major concern was "am I drooling".

Got home after 10pm - I stayed at my mummy's house as I'm supposed to have a carer for 24hours. 12 was enough.

So after enjoying a breakfast of heinz baby chocolate custard I'm just fluffing around. Feeling absolutely fine! No pain AT ALL so far, however it does get worse before it gets better.

So there's my gory story - can't talk all that well, but certainly doesn't stop me typing crap!!



Valley Girl said...

Oh you poor thing, I hate hospitals!

Funny about the drooling & waffling, hope you recover real soon.

How did your work function thing turn out, or did I miss that?

Take care!

Hilary said...

Ouch! I had mine out in the chair, dont know which would be worse!! Hope you dont get too much pain or swelling. Its a strange sensation for a while, not having those teeth anymore, especially with the big gaping holes they leave!

Hope you're not drooling too much today :)

Hilary xx

linda said...

just keep your tongue out of the way!! Glad you're feeling ok

Jehanne said...

hahha - you are so funny

LizN said...

Get better soon sweetheart!

Kek said...

You need to consult an expert about hospitals. They are NEVER on time if you're an afternoon booking. I could have told you to take:

- a newspaper
- a book
- at least five magazines
- a Sudoku or crossword book and a pen.

Or just nap. I usually do.

Hope your poor mouth recovers fast. Enjoy the ice cream!