Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Party Wrap-Up!

The Big She-Bang on Friday night was SO MUCH FUN! My hair appointment ran late so I was stressing big time (as you do), but I managed to get there 30 mins before 'official' start time. I was soooo nervous I needed a vino straight up. Just one. I've never hosted such a huge event before, and it was all on me. I was worried about all the silly little stuff - "does this person have anyone to talk to", "is this person having fun", "what if blah-blah doesn't know anyone else" etc etc etc.

I was busy doing intros and making sure everyone was comfortable. Then I had to get the 'formalities' out the way - if you can call it that. Had to say a few words as it's expected plus then people that are keen to leave can go without feeling rude. Waffled a bit, drew the prize winners then carried on chatting.

Food was great (apparently), I was too busy doing the mingle thingle to see a platter. The most fun part was seeing clients out of sweaty gym gear and they were more impressed with us glamming it up!! Was great fun. So many clients knew each other anyway - they just didn't know that the other trained at our studio.

After the party for people who wanted to keep going, I arranged free entry at our swanky new club/lounge bar (if you do bother to click on link, its the second paragraph under the stars). We all saved $20 each, so not a bad effort! Then we decided that we'll see what else we can get from them - spoke to the manager and asked oh-so-nicely for the VIP room. Thank-ya very much! All complete with our own security guard to let us in and out. How cool did we feel. A friend (and successful businessman) and I just said to each other "all right, we just gave them heaps of business, let's see what they can do for us". I roll with the right people ;) (and ensure I'm taking notes!! hehe)

100 people came and went throughout the night, so it was a HUGE success! So much so that I've had lovely emails thanking me for a great night and the big question - When's the next one?!

Me and my business kinda coaches who helped organise the night.

Me and my bestest friend underneath the cool balloon display!

Me and my very pregnant sister. Although you wouldn't know it, from the back she's tiny! 8 months down.

Me and my brother and dad.
WHOO HOO!! I love entertaining!!!!!!!!!!


Kristy said...

Hey Selina, you look fantastic and the party sounds like it was a hit. Great job on a good night!

Anonymous said...

Hostess with the mostess!!!

You are just stunning Selina! Hope the extraction of the wisdom teeth is going ok! I had all mine taken out at once - it sucked - i looked like a monkey!!! ;)

linda said...

Such a party girl! You look great and the night sounded like fun